Effects of Rice Straw, Rice Straw Ash, and Bone Charcoal on Uptake and Accumulation of Rare Earth Elements in Rice Plants

Shulan Jin, Zhongjun Hu, Yizong Huang, Huahua Pan, Ying Hu


Pot experiments were conducted to study the effects of rice straw (RS), rice straw ash (RSA), and bone charcoal (BC) on the bioavailability of 15 rare earth elements (REEs) in soil and the absorption and accumulation of REES by rice. Adding RSA and BC to REE-contaminated soil remarkably increased the biomass and yield of rice, and the addition of RS remarkably inhibited the growth of rice. Compared with the control check (CK), the total REE concentration in the soil solution at the tillering stage, heading stage, and maturity stage was significantly increased by adding RS, and the total REE concentration in the soil solution was remarkably decreased by adding RSA and BC. The concentration of 15 REEs in the roots, shoots of rice, and brown rice were remarkably decreased via RSA addition. The concentration of total REEs in rice roots, shoots, and grains decreased 79.1%, 76%, and 18.3%, respectively, and the concentration of total REEs in the roots and shoots of rice decreased 19.9% and 67.2%, respectively via RSA addition. However, there was no noticeable effect on the concentration of total REEs in brown rice. So BC and RSA are suitable to be added to REE-contaminated soil, but RS is not.


Rice straw; Rice straw ash; Bone charcoal; Rare earth elements; Rice plants

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