Lignin Modifications and Perspectives towards Applications of Phenolic Foams: A Review

Carolina Londoño Zuluaga, Jing Du, Hou-Min Chang, Hasan Jameel, Ronalds Wilfredo Gonzalez


Lignin is a complex natural polymer and by-product of the pulp and paper industry. Currently, the increasing interest in bio-based products has motivated the search for alternative renewable feedstocks that can sustainably replace synthetic polymers. Because of the phenolic functionalities of lignin, this natural polymer has attracted interest for application in biomaterials. Among various products, polymeric foams stand out as a potential product in which lignin incorporation has resulted in improved mechanical and thermal properties. This paper reviews the state of lignin foam development, with emphasis placed on phenol-lignin types.


Lignin; Phenol; Formaldehyde; Polymeric foams; Phenolic foam

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