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Vol 11, No 2 (2016)

Table of Contents

Editorials (Opinion Pieces)

Enzymatic Pretreatment during 15th to 18th Century Papermaking in Europe PDF
Timothy Barrett 2964-2967
The Artistic Possibilities of Cellulosic Fibers PDF
Chery Cratty 2968-2971

Research Articles (Peer Reviewed)

Lignin-based Foams: Production Process and Characterization PDF
Gianluca Tondi, Martin Link, Christian Kolbitsch, Johannes Gavino, Paul Luckeneder, Alexander Petutschnigg, Richard Herchl, Charlie Van Doorslaer 2972-2986
Mixing Bleached White Poplar and Wheat Straw Chemimechanical Pulps to Improve the Mechanical and Optical Characteristics PDF
Afshin Veisi, Saeed Mahdavi 2987-2997
Optimization of Biobutanol Production from Poplar Wood Hydrolysate using a Mutant of Clostridium saccharobutylicum PDF
Qiye Wang, Chao Zhang, Li Lu, Rui Yao, Shaodong Xu, Yiqiang Wang 2998-3012
Effect of Alkaline Peroxide Pre-treatment on Microfibrillated Cellulose from Oil Palm Fronds Rachis Amenable for Pulp and Paper and Bio-composite Production PDF
Abdul Wahab Taiwo Owolabi, Ghazali Arniza, Wanrosli wan Daud, Abbas F. M. Alkharkhi 3013-3026
Tensile Properties Along the Grains of Earlywood and Latewood of Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) in Dry and Wet State PDF
Edward Roszyk, Waldemar Moliński, Michał Kamiński 3027-3037
Chromium(VI) Removal by Fe(III)-loaded Succinylated Mercerized Cellulose from Aqueous Solution PDF
Xiaokun Sun, Zhen Wang, Yu Liu, Guihua Yang 3038-3048
Pine Wood Treated with a Citric Acid and Glycerol Mixture: Biomaterial Performance Improved by a Bio-byproduct PDF
Gatien Geraud Essoua Essoua, Pierre Blanchet, Veronic Landry, Robert Beauregard 3049-3072
Direct Preparation of Hollow Nanospheres with Kraft Lignin: A Facile Strategy for Effective Utilization of Biomass Waste PDF
Hao Li, Yonghong Deng, Jiaqi Liang, Yi Dai, Bo Li, Yuan Ren, Xueqing Qiu, Chunli Li 3073-3083
Synthesis of Mesoporous TiO2 Induced by Nano-Cellulose and Its Photocatalytic Properties PDF
Wei Wang, Jinpeng Wang, Xiaomeng Shi, Zhe Yu, Zhe Song, Liang Dong, Guiquan Jiang, Shiyan Han 3084-3093
Production of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural from Fructose Catalyzed by Sulfonated Bamboo-Derived Carbon Prepared by Simultaneous Carbonization and Sulfonation PDF
Zhongquan Shen, Ximeng Yu, Jizhong Chen 3094-3109
Effects of Removal of Chemical Components on Moisture Adsorption by Wood PDF
Haizhen Zhou, Ruo Xu, Erni Ma 3110-3122
Employment Changes in U.S. Hardwood Lumber Consuming Industries during Economic Expansions and Contractions Since 1991 PDF
William G. Luppold, Matthew S. Bumgardner 3123-3135
Sulphate Removal from Water by Carbon Residue from Biomass Gasification: Effect of Chemical Modification Methods on Sulphate Removal Efficiency PDF
Hanna Runtti, Sari Tuomikoski, Teija Kangas, Toivo Kuokkanen, Jaakko Rämö, Ulla Lassi 3136-3152
Technological and Thermal Properties of Thermoplastic Composites Filled with Heat-treated Alder Wood PDF
Mürşit Tufan, Türker Güleç, Emrah Peşman, Nadir Ayrilmis 3153-3164
Cloning, Purification, and Characterization of a Thermostable β-Glucosidase from Thermotoga thermarum DSM 5069 PDF
Lingfeng Long, Hao Shi, Xun Li, Yu Zhang, Jingguang Hu, Fei Wang 3165-3177
Preparation and Characterization of Activated Carbon Fibers from Liquefied Wood by ZnCl2 Activation PDF
Zhigao Liu, Yuxiang Huang, Guangjie Zhao 3178-3190
Characterization of Lignins from Sugarcane Bagasse Pretreated with Green Liquor Combined with Ethanol and Hydrogen Peroxide PDF
Ziyuan Zhou, Yi Cheng, Weiming Zhang, Jianxin Jiang, Fuhou Lei 3191-3203
Xylanase-Aided Chlorine Dioxide Bleaching of Bagasse Pulp to Reduce AOX Formation PDF
Yi Dai, Xueping Song, Cong Gao, Sha He, Shuangxi Nie, Chengrong Qin 3204-3214
Effects of Heat Post-Treatment on Dimensional Stability and Water Absorption Behaviours of Mechanically Densified Uludağ Fir and Black Poplar Woods PDF
Hüseyin Pelit, Mehmet Budakçı, Abdullah Sönmez 3215-3229

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