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Vol 12, No 3 (2017)

Table of Contents

Editorials (Opinion Pieces)

Reflecting in the Woods: Can it Help to Enhance the Formulation of (our) Research Questions? PDF
Charles Odilichukwu R. Okpala 4490-4494
Book Review: Fabriano: City of Medieval and Renaissance Papermaking – The First 500 Years PDF
Olivia M. Lenahan 4495-4496
Book Review of an Open Textbook – Sustainability: A Comprehensive Foundation PDF
Martin A. Hubbe 4497-4499

Research Articles (Peer Reviewed)

Characterization of Tectona grandis Extractives by GC-MS and IR and their Infusion into Rubberwood to Modify Dimensional Stability PDF
Tongtong Li, Guanjun Li, Quanji Lu, Jiannan Zhou, Min Li, Shixin Zhang, Jianing Li 4500-4514
Rapid and Complete Dissolution of Softwood Biomass in Tetra-n-butylphosphonium Hydroxide with Hydrogen Peroxide PDF
Hajime Yamada, Hisashi Miyafuji, Hiroyuki Ohno, Tatsuhiko Yamada 4515-4526
Decay Resistance of Acetic, Propionic, and Butyric Anhydrides Modified Rubberwood Against Brown Rot (Coniophora puteana) PDF
Nuraishah Hassan, Norul Hisham Hamid, Mohammad Jawaid, Paridah Md. Tahir, Salmiah Ujang 4527-4546
Valorization of Waste Streams from Deinked Pulp Mills through Anaerobic Digestion of Deinking Sludge PDF
Friedrich Steffen, Ron Janzon, Frank Wenig, Bodo Saake 4547-4566
Optimization of Pilot Scale Mechanical Disk Refining for Improvements in Enzymatic Digestibility of Pretreated Hardwood Lignocellulosics PDF
Brandon W. Jones, Richard Venditti, Sunkyu Park, Hasan Jameel 4567-4593
Analysis of Phenolic Compounds in Empty Fruit Bunches in Oyster Mushroom Cultivation and in Vermicomposting PDF
Ahmad Naim Ahmad Yahaya, Md. Sohrab Hossain, Robert Edyvean 4594-4605
Assessment of the Growth and Fruiting of 19 Oyster Mushroom Strains for Indoor Cultivation on Lignocellulosic Wastes PDF
Olena Myronycheva, Iryna Bandura, Nina Bisko, Andrii P. Gryganskyi, Olov Karlsson 4606-4626
Enhanced Biogas Yield of Chinese Herbal Medicine Extraction Residue by Hydrothermal Pretreatment PDF
Ming Wang, Yanlin Zhang, Shuiping Yan, Baojun Yi, Wenjuan Niu, Qiaoxia Yuan 4627-4638
Catalytic Stepwise Pyrolysis of Technical Lignin PDF
Lupeng Shao, Tingting You, Chao Wang, Guihua Yang, Feng Xu, Lucian Lucia 4639-4651
Comparison of the Physicochemical Characteristics of Bio-char Pyrolyzed from Moso Bamboo and Rice Husk with Different Pyrolysis Temperatures PDF
Yimeng Zhang, Zhongqing Ma, Qisheng Zhang, Jiayao Wang, Qianqiang Ma, Youyou Yang, Xiping Luo, Weigang Zhang 4652-4669
Compounding Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch/Cotton Fiber Hybrid Reinforced Poly(lactic acid) Biocomposites Aiming For High-temperature Packaging Applications PDF
Utai Meekum, Pantip Kingchang 4670-4689
Shear Capacity of Stud-Groove Connector in Glulam-concrete Composite Structure PDF
Lan Xie, Guojing He, Xiaodong (Alice) Wang, Per Johan Gustafsson, Roberto Crocetti, Liping Chen, Li Li, Wenhui Xie 4690-4706
Thermal and Kinetic Behaviors of Fallen Leaves and Waste Tires Using Thermogravimetric Analysis PDF
Shukai Shi, Xiaoyan Zhou, Weimin Chen, Xin Wang, Thiphuong Nguyen, Minzhi Chen 4707-4721
Effects of Fiber Surface Treatments on the Properties of Wood Fiber–Phenolic Foam Composites PDF
Yufeng Ma, Chunpeng Wang, Fuxiang Chu 4722-4736
Hybridization Improves Inhibitor Tolerance of Xylose-fermenting Saccharomyces cerevisiae PDF
He Liu, Jia-Qing Zhu, Xia Li, Hui-Ze Li, Lei Qin, Hao Li, Xin Wang, Xue Bai, Wen-Chao Li, Bing-Zhi Li, Ying-Jin Yuan 4737-4753
Impact of Trucking Network Flow on Preferred Biorefinery Locations in the Southern United States PDF
Timothy M. Young, Lee D. Han, James H. Perdue, Stephanie R. Hargrove, Frank M. Guess, Xia Huang, Chung-Hao Chen 4754-4775
Characterization of a Novel Laccase-producing Bacillus sp. A4 and its Application in Miscanthus Degradation PDF
Haipeng Guo, Chaoyang Lin, Shihui Wang, Dean Jiang, Bingsong Zheng, Yun Liu, Wensheng Qin 4776-4794
Rice Husk Char/Poly-(Acrylic Acid-co-acrylamide) Superabsorbent Hydrogels: Preparation, Characterization, and Swelling Behaviors PDF
Xin Pan, Xiao-Wei Zhuang, Shun-Wei Chen 4795-4809
Effect of Desulfonation of Lignosulfonate on the Properties of Poly(Lactic Acid)/Lignin Composites PDF
Hanzhou Ye, Yang Zhang, Zhiming Yu 4810-4829
Hydrogen Production from Steam Reforming of Acetic Acid over Ni-Fe/Palygorskite Modified with Cerium PDF
Yishuang Wang, Mingqiang Chen, Jie Yang, Shaomin Liu, Zhonglian Yang, Jun Wang, Tian Liang 4830-4853
Relationship between Paper Whiteness and Color Reproduction in Inkjet Printing PDF
Guichun Hu, Shiyu Fu, Fuqing Chu, Maohai Lin 4854-4866
Refining, Dewatering, and Paper Properties of Soda-anthraquinone (Soda/AQ) Pulp from Rice Straw PDF
Sicheng Shao, Chuzhu Wu, Keli Chen 4867-4880
The Effect of Selected Technical, Technological, and Material Factors on the Size of Juvenile Poplar Wood Chips Generated during Face Milling PDF
Marek Vančo, Zuzana Jamberová, Štefan Barcík, Milan Gaff, Hana Čekovská, Lukáš Kaplan 4881-4896
Biosynthesis, Characterization, and Antibacterial Activity of Silver Nanoparticles Produced from Rice Straw Biomass PDF
Jinmeng Li, Qinqin Ma, Huanhuan Shao, Xia Zhou, Hongmei Xia, Jie Xie 4897-4911
Renewable Material-derived Biochars for the Efficient Removal of 2,4-Dichlorophen from Aqueous Solution: Adsorption/Desorption Mechanisms PDF
Liqiang Cui, Tianming Chen, Guixiang Quan, Bo Xiao, Yurong Ma, Mei Pan, Yang Liu, Benzhi Liu, Chuntao Yin, Jinlong Yan, Xiangyun Han, Cheng Ding, Jun Cui, Mengjie Bian, Qaiser Hussain 4912-4925
Utilization of Sweet Sorghum Juice for Efficient 2,3-Butanediol Production by Serratia marcescens H30 PDF
Jun Yuan, Yuan-Zhi He, Ze-Wang Guo, Hui-Fang Gao, Fan-Bing Chen, Li-Zhi Li, Yong-Yu Li, Liao-Yuan Zhang 4926-4942
Effect of Amine Functionalization and Ageing on Copper and Boron Leaching from Wood Preservatives Grafted to Siloxane Networks PDF
Sabrina Palanti, Francesca Vignali, Lisa Elviri, Camilla Lucchetti, Claudio Mucchino, Giovanni Predieri 4943-4957
Cellulose-lignin and Xylan-lignin Interactions on the Formation of Lignin-derived Phenols in Pyrolysis Oil PDF
Ziyun Liu, Lihong Wang, Yongjian Zhang, Yongjun Li, Zhihe Li, Hongzhen Cai 4958-4971
Preparation of Cellulose Nanofibers Reinforced Polyether-b-Amide Nanocomposite PDF
Hassan Ziaei Tabari, Habibollah Khademieslam, Behzad Bazyar, Amir Nourbakhsh, Amir Homan Hemmasi 4972-4985
Effects of Density, Cellulose Nanofibrils Addition Ratio, Pressing Method, and Particle Size on the Bending Properties of Wet-formed Particleboard PDF
Weiqi Leng, John F. Hunt, Mehdi Tajvidi 4986-5000
Catalytic Depolymerization of Alkali Lignin in Sub- and Super-critical Ethanol PDF
Daliang Guo, Bei Liu, Yanjun Tang, Junhua Zhang, XinXing Xia, Shuhua Tong 5001-5016
Swelling of Cellulosic Porous Materials - Mathematical Description and Verification PDF
Anton Geffert, Ondrej Vacek, Andrej Jankech, Jarmila Geffertová, Miloslav Milichovský 5017-5030
Preparation and Characterization of Cellulose Nanofibrils with Varying Chemical Compositions PDF
Chan-Woo Park, Song-Yi Han, Hyun-Woo Namgung, Pureun-narae Seo, Sun-Young Lee, Seung-Hwan Lee 5031-5044
Effect of Alkali Pectinase Pretreatment on Bagasse Soda-Anthraquinone Pulp PDF
Xiuyu Liu, Yan Jiang, Qiuxia Xie, Shuangxi Nie, Xueping Song 5045-5056
Composite Paper Sheet Containing TiO2-diatomite for Removing Phenol in Aqueous Solution PDF
Jingzheng Weng, Renhui Qiu, Lihui Chen 5057-5070
Flame Retardant Properties of Laminated Bamboo Lumber Treated with Monoammonium Phosphate (MAP) and Boric acid/Borax (SBX) Compounds PDF
Xiao-Bei Jin, Ze-Hui Jiang, Xu-Wen Wen, Rong Zhang, Dao-Chun Qin 5071-5085
Peroxide/Silane Crosslinked Poly(lactic acid) Hybrid Biocomposite Reinforced with Empty Fruit Bunch and Cotton Fibers for Hot-Fill Food Packaging PDF
Utai Meekum, Pantip Kingchang 5086-5101
Effect of Common Metal Ions and Anions on Laccase Catalysis of Guaiacol and Lignocellulosic Fiber PDF
Chunxiao Zhou, Aixue Dong, Qiang Wang, Yuanyuan Yu, Xuerong Fan, Yuanlin Cao, Tiejun Li 5102-5117
Method for Limiting Waste in Wood Plastic Composite Post-Production by Means of Press Unit Control Parameters Utilizing Temperature-Related Dimensional Changes PDF
Sami Matthews, Amir E. Toghyani, Harri Eskelinen, Lauri Luostarinen, Timo Kärki, Juha Varis 5118-5127
Novel Medium-density Fibreboard Produced by Ultrasonic-assisted Pulp with Superhydrophobic and Flame-Resistant Properties PDF
Ming Xu, Qinqin Zhang, Liyan Xing, Junwen Pu 5128-5139
Impact of Selected Technological, Technical, and Material Factors on the Quality of Machined Surface at Face Milling of Thermally Modified Pine Wood PDF
Marek Vančo, Andrej Mazáň, Štefan Barcík, Ľubomír Rajko, Peter Koleda, Zuzana Vyhnáliková, Ruslan R. Safin 5140-5154
Green Logistics in Slovak Small and Medium Wood-Processing Enterprises PDF
Denisa Malá, Mariana Sedliačiková, Alena Kaščáková, Dana Benčíková, Katarína Vavrová, Miloš Bikár 5155-5173
Aromatic Hydrocarbon Generation from a Simulated Bio-oil Fraction by Dual-stage Hydrogenation-cracking: Hydrogen Supply and Transfer Behaviors PDF
Qinjie Cai, Jia Xu, Suping Zhang, Shurong Wang 5174-5195
An Alternative for the End-of-life Phase of Flame Retardant Textile Products: Degradation of Flame Retardant and Preliminary Settings of Energy Valorization by Gasification PDF
Sohail Yasin, Curti Massimo, Giorgio Rovero, Nemeshwaree Behary, Anne Perwuelz, Stephane Giraud, Gianluca Migliavacca, Guoqiang Chen, Jinping Guan 5196-5211
Evaluation of Sudanese Sorghum and Bagasse as a Pulp and Paper Feedstock PDF
Haroon A. M. Saeed, Yu Liu, Lucian A. Lucia, Honglei Chen 5212-5222
Enhanced Delignification of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch Fibers with in situ Fenton-oxidation PDF
Jude Santanaraj, Mohd Shaiful Sajab, Abdul Wahab Mohammad, Shuhaida Harun, Chin Hua Chia, Sarani Zakaria, Hatika Kaco 5223-5235
Photo-induced Yellowing of Mg(OH)2-based Peroxide Bleached Deinked Pulp PDF
Na Yun, Beihai He 5236-5248
Feasibility of Lipid Production from Waste Paper by the Oleaginous Yeast Cryptococcus curvatus PDF
Wenting Zhou, Zhiwei Gong, Linfang Zhang, Yi Liu, Jiabao Yan, Mi Zhao 5249-5263
Low Molecular Weight Xylanase from Trichoderma viride VKF3 for Bio-bleaching of Newspaper Pulp PDF
Vinod Kumar Nathan, Mary Esther Rani, Gunaseeli Rathinasamy, Kannan Narayanan Dhiraviam 5264-5278
Characterizing Microscopic Changes of Paulownia Wood under Thermal Compression PDF
Dilek Dogu, Fatma Digdem Tuncer, Davut Bakir, Zeki Candan 5279-5295
Effects of Boric Acid and/or Borax Treatments on the Fire Resistance of Bamboo Filament PDF
Lili Yu, Jie Cai, Hui Li, Fang Lu, Daochun Qin, Benhua Fei 5296-5307
Low-Power Microwave Radiation-assisted Depolymerization of Ethanol Organosolv Lignin in Ethanol/Formic Acid Mixtures PDF
Dengle Duan, Yunfeng Zhao, Liangliang Fan, Leilei Dai, Jiaqian Lv, Roger Ruan, Yunpu Wang, Yuhuan Liu 5308-5320
Effect of Cellulase, Substrate Concentrations, and Configuration Processes on Cellulosic Ethanol Production from Pretreated Arundo donax PDF
Alberto Aliberti, Valeria Ventorino, Alessandro Robertiello, Michele Galasso, Giuseppe Blaiotta, Ernesto Comite, Vincenza Faraco, Olimpia Pepe 5321-5342
A Novel Gallic Acid-Grafted-Lignin Biosorbent for the Selective Removal of Lead Ions from Aqueous Solutions PDF
Xueyan Zhang, Can Jin, Yuliang Jiang, Guifeng Liu, Guomin Wu, Zhenwu Kong 5343-5357
Identification of the Dynamic Characteristics of Luffa Fiber Reinforced Bio-Composite Plates PDF
Garip Genc, Hasan Koruk 5358-5368
Synergistic Flame Retardant Effects of Different Zeolites on Intumescent Fire Retardant Coating for Wood PDF
Jing Wu, Mingzhi Wang, Hongwu Guo 5369-5382
High Mechanical Performance Boards Made from Fibers of Arundo donax without Added Adhesives PDF
Diego Ramos, Joan Salvadó, Francesc Fernando 5383-5394
Synthesis and Characterization of Alkali Lignin-based Hydrogels from Ionic Liquids PDF
Xingxiang Ji, Zhili Zhang, Jiachuan Chen, Guihua Yang, Honglei Chen, Lucian A. Lucia 5395-5406
Synthesis and Properties of Non-Aromatic Ionic Liquids and their Role in Cellulose Dissolution PDF
Ran Liu, Zidan Chen, Hongwei Ren, Erhong Duan 5407-5416
Fire Properties of Pinus densiflora Utilizing Fire-retardant Chemicals based on Borated and Phosphorus (I) – Combustion Characteristics PDF
Hyun Jeong Seo, Wuk Hwang, Min Chul Lee 5417-5427
Physicochemical Characterization of Torrefied Wood Biomass under Air as Oxidizing Atmosphere PDF
Sergio Ramos-Carmona, Sebastián Delgado-Balcázar, Juan F. Perez 5428-5448
Influence of Plasma Treatment on Mechanical Properties of Cellulose-based Fibres and Their Interfacial Interaction in Composite Systems PDF
Petr Valášek, Miroslav Müller, Vladimír Šleger 5449-5461
Kinetics of Cellulase Saccharification of Corn Stover after Pretreatment by Lignin Peroxidase and H2O2 PDF
Zhi C. Zhang, Jin H. Li, Feng Wang 5462-5486
Bacterial Diversity in Two Aerated Lagoons of a Pulp and Paper Effluent and their Interaction with a Commercial Inoculum using PCR-DGGE PDF
Ana Maria Bailón-Salas, Luis Alberto Ordaz-Díaz, Sergio Valle-Cervantes, Javier Lopez-Miranda, Norma Urtiz-Estrada, Jesús B. Páez-Lerma, Gerardo D. de León-Mata, Juan A. Rojas-Contreras 5487-5501
Decomposition Study of Methyl α-D-Glucopyranoside (MGPα) and Lignin Model Compounds for better Glucose Yield during Sulfurous Acid Treatment PDF
Yan Shi, Jinglei Xie, Jinbao Kou, Rui Kong, Nan Sun, Miaoli Bai 5502-5511
Natural Cork Agglomerate as an Ecological Alternative in Constructional Sandwich Composites PDF
Magdalena Urbaniak, Roma Goluch-Goreczna, Andrzej K. Bledzki 5512-5524
Mechanical Properties of Furniture Self-locking Frame Joints PDF
Michal Grič, Pavol Joščák, Ilkka Tarvainen, Henri Ryönänkoski, Rastislav Lagaňa, Nadežda Langová, Tomáš Andor 5525-5538
Preparation and Adsorption Performance of Cellulose-graft-Polycaprolactone/Polycaprolactone Porous Material PDF
Lihui Gu, Yunzu Li, Yiqin Yang, Zhiguo Wang, Yongcan Jin 5539-5549
A Study on Fire Risk Reduction of Porous Combustible Storage PDF
Nam Kyun Kim, Dong Ho Rie 5550-5568
Dynamic Behaviour Analysis of a Commercial Roll-Tensioned Circular Sawblade PDF
Miran Merhar, Dominika Gornik Bučar, Tomaž Pepelnjak 5569-5582
Fungus-Assisted Acetic Acid Pre-Treatment of Eucommia ulmoides Oliver Seed Shells for Enhancement of Enzymatic Hydrolysis PDF
Hui Ouyang, Lishu Wang, Wanxi Peng, Heping Deng 5583-5600
Alkaline Pretreatment of Banana Stems for Methane Generation: Effects of Temperature and Physicochemical Changes PDF
Xue Lan Chen, Ya Xin Han, Cheng Ming Zhang, Guang Qiang Feng, Ming Xing Zhao, Rui Xue Yue, Yan Fei Li, Li Jiang, Lei Zhang, Ji Hong Li, Shi Zhong Li 5601-5616
Combustion and Performance of Syngas Dual Fueling in a CI Engine with Blended Biodiesel as Pilot Fuel PDF
Bahaaddein K. M. Mahgoub, Suhaimi Hassan, Shaharin Anwar Sulaiman, Rizalman Mamat, Abdul Adam Abdullah, Ftwi Y. Hagos 5617-5631
Xylan Localization on Pulp and Viscose Fiber Surfaces PDF
Christian Hutterer, Karin Fackler, Gabriele Schild, Verena Ibl, Antje Potthast 5632-5648
Hyper-Productivity, Characterization, and Exploitation of a Cellulase Complex from a Novel Isolate of Aspergillus tubingenesis S2 using Lignocellulose-based Material PDF
Muhammad Imran, Zahid Anwar, Muddassar Zafar, Muhammad Irshad, Tahir Iqbal 5649-5663
Preparation and Characterization of Lemongrass Fiber (Cymbopogon species) for Reinforcing Application in Thermoplastic Composites PDF
Lemma Dadi Bekele, Wentao Zhang, Yiliang Liu, Gregory Joseph Duns, Chunhan Yu, Leilei Jin, Xiaofei Li, Qi Jia, Jishuang Chen 5664-5681
Micro/Nano-fibrillated Cellulose from Cotton Linters as Strength Additive in Unbleached Kraft Paper: Experimental, Semi-empirical, and Mechanistic Studies PDF
Ashok K. Bharimalla, Suresh P. Deshmukh, Prasanth G. Patil, Vigneshwaran Nadanathangam 5682-5696
Common Reed (Phragmites australis), Eradicate or Utilize? Part II: Potential Use as an Industrial Fiber Source after Hot Water Extraction PDF
William Michael Burry, Klaus Doelle, Shijie Liu, Raymond Appleby 5697-5714
Flax Shive and Hemp Hurd Residues as Alternative Raw Material for Particleboard Production PDF
Solace Sam-Brew, Gregory D. Smith 5715-5735
Study on the Acetylation of Rice Straw-Biogas Residue and its Characteristic Effect on Rice Straw-Reinforced Composites PDF
Tengfei Xia, Hongying Huang, Guofeng Wu, Xiaochen Jin, Enhui Sun, Wanying Tang 5736-5748
Lignin Extraction from Coconut Shell Using Aprotic Ionic Liquids PDF
Siti Mastura Zakaria, Azila Idris, Yatimah Alias 5749-5774
Preparation and Characterization of Hydrophobic Non-Crystal Microporous Starch (NCMS) and its Application in Food Wrapper Paper as a Sizing Agent PDF
Chao Dang, Ming Xu, Yihui Yin, Junwen Pu 5775-5789
Energy Balance in Sawing Eucalyptus grandis Logs PDF
Thiago Campos Monteiro, José Tarcísio Lima, José Reinaldo Moreira da Silva, Paulo Fernando Trugilho, Edy Eime Pereira Baraúna 5790-5800
Physical and Mechanical Properties of Recycled Polypropylene Composites Reinforced with Rice Straw Lignin PDF
Myrtha Karina, Anung Syampurwadi, Rahmat Satoto, Yuyun Irmawati, Tita Puspitasari 5801-5811
Mechano-sorptive Deformation of Borate Modified Strand Board for Structural Uses PDF
Guangyao Li, Xiuxuan Sun, Sunyoung Lee, Qinglin Wu 5812-5825

Review Articles (Peer Reviewed)

Bioenergy Production from Bamboo: Potential Source from Malaysia’s Perspective PDF
Kit Ling Chin, Shamsudin Ibrahim, Khalid Rehman Hakeem, Paik San H’ng, Seng Hua Lee, Mohd Azmi Mohd Lila
Systematic Review of Torrefied Wood Economics PDF
Robert I. Radics, Ronalds Gonzalez, Edward (Ted) M. Bilek, Stephen S. Kelley

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