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Vol 10, No 3 (2015)

Table of Contents

Editorials (Opinion Pieces)

The Subtleties of Dissolution and Regeneration of Cellulose: Breaking and Making Hydrogen Bonds PDF
Björn Lindman, Bruno Medronho 3811-3814
An Analytical Chemist's View of Lignocellulosic Biomass PDF
Sílvio Vas 3815-3817

Research Articles (Peer Reviewed)

Comparative Study of Enzymatic Hydrolysis Properties of Pulp Fractions from Waste Paper PDF
Xiaoli Li, Hailong Yu, Dafeng Sun, Jianxin Jiang, Liwei Zhu 3818-3830
Investigation of Glueline Shear Strength of Pine Wood Bonded with PVAc by Response Surface Methodology PDF
Rongrong Li, Xiaolei Guo, Mats Ekevad, Birger Marklund, Pingxiang Cao 3831-3838
Pyrolysis Characteristics of Corn Stalk with Solid Heat Carrier PDF
Min Guo, Jicheng Bi 3839-3851
Electron-Beam Curing of Acrylate/Nanoparticle Impregnated Wood Products PDF
Xiaolin Cai, Pierre Blanchet 3852-3864
Preparation of Activated Carbon Using Bio-Oil Phenol-Formaldehyde Resin PDF
Yong Cui, Jian-min Chang, Wen-liang Wang, Ben Li, Xue-yong Ren 3865-3873
Internal and External Barriers Impacting Non-Food Cellulosic Biofuel Projects in the United States PDF
Jeremy Withers, Henry J. Quesada-Pineda, Robert Smith 3874-3889
Effect of Buffering System on Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol Fermentation by Clostridium acetobutylicum ATCC 824 using Pretreated Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch PDF
Mohamad Faizal Ibrahim, Siren Linggang, Mohd Azwan Jenol, Phang Lai Yee, Suraini Abd-Aziz 3890-3907
Using Black Liquor from the Soda Pulping Process for Protein Production by Candida utilis PDF
Zebo Hu, Yuanchang Que, Yuxing Gao, Yingwu Yin, Yufen Zhao 3908-3921
Microwave Pretreatments of Switchgrass Leaf and Stem Fractions to Increase Methane Production PDF
Chunhui Wu, He Zhou, Fuyu Yang, Yunwei Zhang, Fengqin Gao 3922-3933
Oxygen Delignification of Acid Sulfite and Bisulfite Softwood Pulps PDF
Niklas Kvarnlöf, Ulf Germgård 3934-3947
Stress Wave Tomography of Wood Internal Defects using Ellipse-Based Spatial Interpolation and Velocity Compensation PDF
Xiaochen Du, Shaozhe Li, Guanghui Li, Hailin Feng, Shengyong Chen 3948-3962
Effects of Boron Impregnation and Heat Treatment on Some Mechanical Properties of Oak (Quercus petraea Liebl.) Wood PDF
Osman Perçin, Sait Dundar Sofuoglu, Oguzhan Uzun 3963-3978
Effect of Residence Time on Hydrothermal Carbonization of Corn Cob Residual PDF
Lei Zhang, Shanshan Liu, Baobin Wang, Qiang Wang, Guihua Yang, Jiachuan Chen 3979-3986
NO Emissions and Combustion Efficiency during Biomass Co-firing and Air-staging PDF
Yufeng Wang, Xuebin Wang, Zhongfa Hu, Yan Li, Shuanghui Deng, Ben Niu, Houzhang Tan 3987-3998
Influence of Temperature on the Strength of Bonded Joints PDF
Přemysl Šedivka, Jan Bomba, Martin Böhm, Pavel Boška 3999-4010
Effect of Water on the Mechanical Properties of Wood Cell Walls – Results of a Nanoindentation Study PDF
Leopold Wagner, Clémence Bos, Thomas Karl Bader, Karin de Borst 4011-4025
Performance of Schizolobium amazonicum Wood in Bleached Kraft Pulp Production PDF
Camila Sarto, Tiago Edson Simkunas Segura, Francides Gomes da Silva Júnior 4026-4037
Rapid Liquefaction of Corn Stover with Microwave Heating PDF
Weihua Xiao, Ximing Zhang, Xue Wang, Wenjuan Niu, Lujia Han 4038-4047
Stranding Moso and Guadua Bamboo. Part I: Strand Production and Size Classification PDF
Kate Elizabeth Semple, Polo Kunquian Zhang, Gregory David Smith 4048-4064
Reinforced Conductive Polyaniline-Paper Composites PDF
Jinhua Yan, Renmei Xu 4065-4076
Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Pretreated Newspaper Having High Lignin Content for Bioethanol Production PDF
Hui Chen, Qiang Han, Richard A. Venditti, Hasan Jameel 4077-4098
Tuning Solute Partitioning Coefficients in a Biphasic Ionic Liquid/Water System to Facilitate Extraction of Lignin-Oxidized Aromatics PDF
Jingyang Tian, Shiyu Fu, Chunhui Zhang, Lucian A. Lucia 4099-4109
Application of Photo, Peracetic Acid, and Combination Pre-treatments in Improving Totally Chlorine-Free Bleaching Selectivity PDF
Yin Hui Chong, Wan Rosli Wan Daud, Beng Teik Poh, Mazlan Ibrahim, Cheu Peng Leh 4110-4125
Effect of Alkyl Phenol from Cashew Nutshell Liquid on Mechanical and Dry Sliding Wear Behavior of Epoxy Resin PDF
Rajesh Panda, Jimmy Tjong, Sanjay K. Nayak, Mohini M. Sain 4126-4136
Characterisation of Sequential Solvent Fractionation and Base-catalysed Depolymerisation of Treated Alkali Lignin PDF
Aikfei Ang, Zaidon Ashaari, Edi Suhaimi Bakar, Nor Azowa Ibrahim 4137-4151
Effects of Acetic Acid and pH on the Growth and Lipid Accumulation of the Oleaginous Yeast Trichosporon fermentans PDF
Zong-jun Liu, Li-ping Liu, Peng Wen, Ning Li, Min-hua Zong, Hong Wu 4152-4166
Prediction of Internal Defect Area in Wooden Components by Stress Wave Velocity Analysis PDF
Xin Li, Jian Dai, Wei Qian, Li-Hong Chang 4167-4177
Optimization of Operating Conditions of a Household Up-draft Biomass Gasification Stove PDF
Shuanghui Deng, Xuebin Wang, Houzhang Tan, Yan Li, Zhongfa Hu, Ben Niu 4178-4190
Catalytic Conversion of Glucose to Levulinate Ester Derivative in Ethylene Glycol PDF
Weiwei Hao, Xing Tang, Xianhai Zeng, Yong Sun, Shijie Liu, Lu Lin 4191-4203
Demonstration of Strength Development in Initial Wet Paper Web using Field Emission-Scanning Electron Microscopy (FE-SEM) PDF
Jürgen Belle, Stephan Kleemann, Jürgen Odermatt, Andrea Olbrich 4204-4225
Effect of Thermal Treatment on Surface Quality of Beech Wood after Plane Milling PDF
Monika Kvietková, Miroslav Gašparík, Milan Gaff 4226-4238
TGA-FTIR Analysis of Torrefaction of Lignocellulosic Components (cellulose, xylan, lignin) in Isothermal Conditions over a Wide Range of Time Durations PDF
Pin Lv, Giana Almeida, Patrick Perré 4239-4251
Effect of Growth Period on Cell Wall Mechanical Properties of Elephant Grass PDF
Yang Zhang, Rui Yang, Yan Wu, Siqun Wang, Cong Liu, Xiaoxian Zhong, Juanzi Wu 4252-4262
Effect of White Mud as a Second Filler on the Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Bamboo Residue Fiber/Polyethylene Composites PDF
Yu Xian, Haidong Li, Cuicui Wang, Ge Wang, Wenhan Ren, Haitao Cheng 4263-4276
Characteristics and Kinetics of the Aldonic Acids Production using Whole-cell catalysis of Gluconobacter oxydans PDF
Xin Zhou, Xing Wang, Rou Cao, Yuheng Tao, Yong Xu, Shiyuan Yu 4277-4286
The Effect of Consistency and Freeness on the Yield Stress of Chemical Pulp Fibre Suspensions PDF
Jiulong Sha, Abbas Nikbakht, Chen Wang, Hui Zhang, James Olson 4287-4299
Analysis of Usability in Furniture Production of Wood Plastic Laminated Board PDF
Abdullah Cemil Ilçe, Mehmet Budakçı, Serkan Özdemir, Memiş Akkuş 4300-4314
Modification of Lignin with Silane Coupling Agent to Improve the Interface of Poly(L-lactic) Acid/Lignin Composites PDF
Jun Zhu, Liyuan Xue, Wei Wei, Chunyu Mu, Man Jiang, Zuowan Zhou 4315-4325
Optimization of Bioethanol Production from Coffee Mucilage PDF
Bianca Yadira Pérez-Sariñana, Antonio De León-Rodríguez, Sergio Saldaña-Trinidad, Sebastian Pathiyamattom Joseph 4326-4338
Preparation and Characterization of Cassava Leaves/ Cassava Starch Acetate Biocomposite Sheets PDF
Noor Fadzliana Ahmad Sharif, Saiful Izwan Abd Razak, Wan Aizan Wan Abdul Rahman, Nadirul Hasraf Mat Nayan, Abdul Razak Rahmat, Mohd Yazid Yahya 4339-4349
Impregnation of Poly(lactic acid) on Biologically Pulped Pineapple Leaf Fiber for Packaging Materials PDF
Saiful Izwan Abd Razak, Noor Fadzliana Ahmad Sharif, Nadirul Hasraf Mat Nayan, Ida Idayu Muhamad, Mohd Yazid Yahya 4350-4359
Improvement of the Hydrolysis and Fermentation of Rice Straw by Saccharomyces cerevisiae by Ammonia-Based Pretreatments PDF
Hossein Motamedi, Abolghasem Hedayatkhah, Hossein Najafzadeh Varzi 4360-4374
The Properties of Phosphorylated Kraft Fibers PDF
Ying Shi, Dan Belosinschi, François Brouillette, Ahmed Belfkira, Bruno Chabot 4375-4390
Preparation of Biomorphic TiO2 Ceramics from Rattan Templates PDF
Liangcun Qian, Rui Li, Liang Zhou, Yamei Liu, Min Yu, Fuquan Xiong, Shengquan Liu, Xiaotao Hao 4391-4402
Alkaline Enzyme Treatment of Spruce Wood to Increase Permeability PDF
Sefa Durmaz, Umit Cafer Yildiz, Sibel Yildiz 4403-4410
An Empirical Analysis of the Industrial Bioeconomy: Implications for Renewable Resources and the Environment PDF
Brandon Morrison, Jay S. Golden 4411-4440
Drying Stress Relaxation of Wood Subjected to Microwave Radiation PDF
Qin He, Ximing Wang 4441-4452
The Feasibility of Mango (Mangifera indica L.) Peel as an Alternative Substrate for Butanol Production PDF
Shree Veda Avula, Sreenivasa Reddy, Lebaka Veeranjaneya Reddy 4453-4459
Direct Ethanol Production from Steam-Exploded Corn Stover using a Synthetic Diploid Cellulase-displaying Yeast Consortium PDF
Chunling Mo, Ning Chen, Tu Lv, Jiliang Du, Shen Tian 4460-4472
Calculating Elastic Constants of Binderless Bamboo-Wood Sandwich Composite PDF
Xinfeng Wu, Jianying Xu, Jingxin Hao 4473-4484
Influence of the Zeolite ZSM-5 on Catalytic Pyrolysis of Biomass via TG-FTIR PDF
Ze Wang, Siwei Liu, Weigang Lin, Wenli Song 4485-4497
Pyrolysis and Combustion Kinetics of Raw and Carbonized Cottonwood and Switchgrass Agroforests PDF
Sammy Sadaka, Hal Liechty, Matt Pelkki, Michael Blazier 4498-4518
Preparation and Properties of Liquefied Banana Pseudo-stem based PVAc Membrane PDF
Wei Li, Yucang Zhang, Bangsheng Lao 4519-4529
Preparation and Characterization of Fire Retardant Nano-Filler from Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch Fibers PDF
Naheed Saba, Tahir Md. Paridah, Khalina Abdan, Nor Azowa Ibrahim 4530-4543
Tensile Properties of Polypropylene Composites Reinforced with Mechanical, Thermomechanical, and Chemi-Thermomechanical Pulps from Orange Pruning PDF
Rafel Reixach, Francesc X. Espinach, Gerard Arbat, Fernando Julián, Marc Delgado-Aguilar, Josep Puig, Pere Mutjé 4544-4556
Physical, Mechanical, and Thermal Properties of Wood Flour Reinforced Maleic Anhydride Grafted Unsaturated Polyester (UP) Biocomposites PDF
Md. Rezaur Rahman, Sinin Hamdan, Mahbub Hasan, Ruby Baini, Abu Ahmed Salleh 4557-4568
Simulation of a Gas-Solid Flow Field in a Two-Stage Rice Husk High-Temperature Pyrolysis and Gasification Cyclone Gasifier PDF
Ming Zhai, Yu Zhang, Tiezhu Ge, Peng Dong, Cuijing Zhao 4569-4579
Extraction and Determination of Total and Soluble Oxalate in Pulping and Papermaking Raw Materials PDF
Yingying Liu, Chunhui Zhang, Bingyun Li, Hailong Li, Huaiyu Zhan 4580-4587
The Impact of Vacuum-Drying on Efficiency of Hardwood Products Manufacturing PDF
Oxana Maria Brenes-Angulo, Brian Bond, Earl Kline, Henry Quesada-Pineda 4588-4598
Stranding Moso and Guadua Bamboo. Part II. Strand Surface Roughness and Classification PDF
Kate Elizabeth Semple, Polo Kunquian Zhang, Gregory David Smith 4599-4612
Chemical, Energetic, and Structural Characteristics of Hydrothermal Carbonization Solid Products for Lawn Grass PDF
Shuqing Guo, Xiangyuan Dong, Kaituo Liu, Hailong Yu, Caixia Zhu 4613-4625
Hydrophobic Cellulose-based Materials Obtained by Uniaxial High Pressure Compression: In-situ Esterification with Fatty Acids and Fatty Anhydrides PDF
Thibaud Pintiaux, Feriel Laourine, Guadalupe Vacamedina, Antoine Rouilly, Jerome Peydecastaing 4626-4640
Warping and Surface Checking Analysis of Engineered Wood Flooring for Heating Systems PDF
Qingqing Chen, Xiaolei Guo, Futang Ji, Jun Wang, Jie Wang, Pingxiang Cao 4641-4651
Subcritical Butane and Propane Extraction of Oil from Rice Bran PDF
Hua-Min Liu, Fei-Yun Wang, Hao-Yang Li, Xue-De Wang, Guang-Yong Qin 4652-4662
Rattan Cane Modified with Polyethylene Glycol Melamine-Urea-Formaldehyde Resin PDF
Yaxian Zheng, Wenhua Lv 4663-4673
Determination of Strength Characteristics of Construction Timber Strengthened with Carbon and Glass Fibre Composite Using a Destructive Method PDF
Přemysl Šedivka, Jan Bomba, Martin Böhm, Aleš Zeidler 4674-4685
Lignocellulosic Wastes Used for the Cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus Mushrooms: Effects on Productivity PDF
Gonca Düzkale Sözbir, Ibrahim Bektas, Ayhan Zulkadir 4686-4693
Expression of Recombinant Bacillus amyloliquefaciens Xylanase A in Escherichia coli and Potential Application in Xylan Hydrolysis PDF
Xin Xu, Mingqi Liu, Xianjun Dai 4694-4710
Production Potential of the Forests in the Czech Republic PDF
Karel Pulkrab, Roman Sloup, Vílém Podrázský 4711-4725
Effects and Modeling of Sawdust Torrefaction for Beech Pellets PDF
Aurel Lunguleasa, Cosmin Spirchez, Tatiana Griu 4726-4739
Impact and Dynamic Bending Strength Determination of Norway Spruce by Impact Pendulum Deceleration PDF
Dominika Gornik Bučar, Miran Merhar 4740-4750
Aluminum-laminated Panels: Physical and Mechanical Properties PDF
Franz Segovia, Pierre Blanchet, Costel Barbuta, Robert Beauregard 4751-4767
Effects of Sequencing Enzyme Application and Refining on DIP Properties Produced From Mixed Office Waste Paper PDF
Mohammad Ali Hossein, Mohammad Talaeipour, AmirHooman Hemmasi, Behzad Bazyar, Saeed Mahdavi 4768-4783
Synthesis and Application of Polymeric Fluorescent Compounds Based on Coumarin PDF
Guojun Liu, Guanghua Zhang, Peng Wang, Rui Xiang, Xiaolong Fu 4784-4794
Characterization and Optimization of the Glyoxalation of a Methanol-Fractionated Alkali Lignin using Response Surface Methodology PDF
Aikfei Ang, Zaidon Ashaari, Edi Suhaimi Bakar, Nor Azowa Ibrahim 4795-4810
Modifying the Refining Energy Consumption of Chemi-Mechanical Pulping with NaOH-Thiourea-Urea Aqueous Solution PDF
Rui Zhai, Bing Song, Xiaofan Zhou 4811-4825
Impact of Optimized Flow Pattern on Pollutant Removal and Biogas Production Rate Using Wastewater Anaerobic Fermentation PDF
Ruyi Huang, Zili Mei, Yan Long, Xia Xiong, Jun Wang, Ting Guo, Tao Luo, Enshen Long 4826-4842
Preparation of Micro-Crystalline Cellulose-Reinforced Polyacrylic Acid Hydrogel and its Application in Paper/Polyacrylic Acid Composites PDF
Jianping Ni, Yangbin Wen, Hongbin Liu 4843-4853
Catalytic Hydrotreatment of Light Distillates Obtained from Bio-Oil for Use in Oxygenated Liquid Fuels PDF
Xianwei Zheng, Jie Chang, Yan Fu 4854-4866
Dynamic Methods to Evaluate the Shear Modulus of Wood PDF
Mehran Roohnia, Mostafa Kohantorabi 4867-4876
Percolation for Coated Conductive Paper: Electrical Conductivity as a Function of Volume Fraction of Graphite and Carbon Black PDF
Haichao Li, Xueren Qian, Tianlu Li, Yonghao Ni 4877-4885
Purification and Characterisation of Extracellular Cellulase Main Components from Aspergillus terreus PDF
Mahdi Shahriarinour, Ramakrishnan Nagasundara Ramanan 4886-4902
Effects of Natural Chitosan as Biopolymer Coupling Agent on the Pyrolysis Kinetics of Wood Flour/ Polyvinyl Chloride Composites PDF
Kaimeng Xu, Taian Chen, Zhifeng Zheng, Suyong Huang, Kaifu Li, Tuhua Zhong 4903-4912
Using Non-Destructive Testing to Determine the Correlation between Dynamic Mechanical Properties and Bonding Strength of Wood-Plastic Composite Adhesive Joints PDF
Mei He, Mingwei Di 4913-4921
Stabilization of Potentially Sticky Substances in Pulp Mill Process Water with Polysaccharides PDF
Bingyun Li, Chunhui Zhang, Shiyu Fu, Yu Liu 4922-4932
Kraft Lignin Depolymerization in an Ionic Liquid without a Catalyst PDF
Amadou Diop, Khalil Jradi, Claude Daneault, Daniel Montplaisir 4933-4946
Time-Domain Reflectometry for the Prediction of Loblolly Pine and Sweetgum Moisture Content PDF
Joseph Dahlen, Finto Antony, Anzhi Li, Kim Love-Myers, Laurence Schimleck, Erik B. Schilling 4947-4960
Direct Production of Alkyl Levulinates from Cellulosic Biomass by a Single-Step Acidic Solvolysis System at Ambient Atmospheric Pressure PDF
Tatsuhiko Yamada, Mami Yamaguchi, Satoshi Kubo, Yukako Hishikawa 4961-4969
Reactivity Improvement of Bamboo Dissolving Pulp by Xylanase Modification PDF
Chaojun Wu, ShuFang Zhou, Ronggang Li, Daiqi Wang, Chuanshan Zhao 4970-4977
Experimental Investigation on Rotary Peeling Parameters of High Density Coconut Wood PDF
Henri Bailleres, Louis Denaud, Jean-Claude Butaud, Robert L. McGavin 4978-4996
Quantitative Evaluation of Hybrid Aspen Xylem and Immunolabeling Patterns Using Image Analysis and Multivariate Statistics PDF
David Sandquist, Lennart Norell, Geoffrey Daniel 4997-5015
Anatomical and Immunocoverage Observations on SuSy, C4H, and Pectate Lyase Family Protein Down-regulated Aspens Genotypes PDF
David Sandquist, Lennart Norell, Keiji Takabe, Arata Yoshinaga, Geoffrey Daniel 5016-5029
Cellulose Triacetate Synthesis from Cellulosic Wastes by Heterogeneous Reactions PDF
Sherif Shawki Z. Hindi, Refaat A. Abohassan 5030-5048
Interfacial Characterization and Optimal Preparation of Novel Bamboo Plastic Composite Engineering Materials PDF
Wei Song, Fang Zhao, Xuefei Yu, Cuicui Wang, Wenbang Wei, Shuangbao Zhang 5049-5070
Effect of Enzymatic Pretreatment on the Preparation and Properties of Soy-Based Adhesive for Plywood PDF
Nairong Chen, Qinzhi Zeng, Qiaojia Lin, Jiuping Rao 5071-5082
Quality Assessment of Scarf Joints Considering the Acoustic Parameters: A Nondestructive Approach PDF
Ali Yavari, Mehran Roohnia 5083-5095
The NREL Biochemical and Thermochemical Ethanol Conversion Processes: Financial and Environmental Analysis Comparison PDF
Jesse Sky Daystar, Trevor Treasure, Ronalds Gonzalez, Carter Reeb, Richard Venditti, Steve Kelley 5096-5116
Insight on the Feasibility of Producing Durable Paper from Spruce Pulp using the Sulfate Process PDF
Alireza Khakifirooz, Ahmad Samariha, Mohammad Nemati 5117-5124
Modified PCC used in Papermaking Processes PDF
Hua Chen, Yan Zhang, Qi zhong Wo, Fei Yang, Jianhua Wang, Yan Guo, Qinyao Zheng 5125-5139
Evaluation of Myceliopthora thermophila as an Enzyme Factory for the Production of Thermophilic Cellulolytic Enzymes PDF
Leonidas Matsakas, Io Antonopoulou, Paul Christakopoulos 5140-5158
Effects of Industrial Heat Treatment on the Properties of Spruce and Pine Woods PDF
Bilgin Icel, Gurcan Guler, Onur Isleyen, Abdullah Beram, Muhammed Mutlubas 5159-5173
An Assessment of the Carbon Footprint of Tropical Hardwood Sawn Timber Production PDF
Jegatheswaran Ratnasingam, Geetha Ramasamy, Weiching Toong, Abdul Latib Senin, Mohd Ashadie Kusno, Neelakandan Muttiah 5174-5190
Controlling the Folding of the Blank in Paperboard Tray Press Forming PDF
Panu Tanninen, Ville Leminen, Harri Eskelinen, Henry Lindell, Juha Varis 5191-5202
Chemical Modification by Impregnation of Poplar Wood with Functional Composite Modifier PDF
Xiaoshuai Han, Xinwei Miao, Xue Zheng, Liyan Xing, Junwen Pu 5203-5214
Lignin-enriched Fermentation Residues from Bioethanol Production of Fast-growing Poplar and Forage Sorghum PDF
José I Santos, Úrsula Fillat, Raquel Martín-Sampedro, Ignacio Ballesteros, Paloma Manzanares, Mercedes Ballesteros, María E. Eugenio, David Ibarra 5215-5232
First Tools for Tannin-Furanic Foams Design PDF
María Cecilia Basso, Marie-Christine Lagel, Antonio Pizzi, Alain Celzard, Soliman Abdalla 5233-5241

Review Articles (Peer Reviewed)

Review of the Drying Kinetics of Olive Oil Mill Wastes: Biomass Recovery PDF
Francisco J. Gómez-de la Cruz, Pedro J. Casanova-Peláez, Rafael López-García, Fernando Cruz-Peragón
A Mini-review on the Applications of Cellulose-Binding Domains in Lignocellulosic Material Utilizations PDF
Fang Yang, Er-Suo Jin, Yangyang Zhu, Shufang Wu, Wenyuan Zhu, Yongcan Jin, Junlong Song
Green Modification of Surface Characteristics of Cellulosic Materials at the Molecular or Nano Scale: A Review PDF
Martin A. Hubbe, Orlando J. Rojas, Lucian A. Lucia
The Rationale behind Cork Properties: A Review of Structure and Chemistry PDF
Helena Pereira

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