Vol 13, No 3 (2018)

Table of Contents

Editorials (Opinion Pieces)

Filler Bondability Factor as a Tool for Maximizing the Potential of Mineral Additives in Paper Production PDF
Shunxi Song, Peiyao Wang, Meiyun Zhang 4770-4772
China’s New Regulations on Waste Paper Importing and their Impacts on Global Waste Paper Recycling and the Papermaking Industry in China PDF
Zicheng Chen, Xiaopeng Yue, Zhibin He, Lanhe Zhang 4773-4775

Research Articles (Peer Reviewed)

Newly Developed Boards Made from Crushed Rapeseed Stalk and their Bendability Properties PDF
Milan Gaff, Štěpán Hýsek, Adam Sikora, Marián Babiak 4776-4794
Production of Bioethanol from Sweet Potato Tubers with Different Storage Times PDF
Shuang-Qi Tian, Ren-Yong Zhao, Junl-Lan Zhao 4795-4806
Microbial Diversity of Paulownia spp. Leaves – A New Source of Green Manure PDF
Małgorzata Woźniak, Anna Gałązka, Jarosław Grządziel, Magdalena Frąc 4807-4819
Tannin Extraction and Characterization of Polar Extracts from the Barks of Two Eucalyptus urophylla Hybrids PDF
Caroline J. Sartori, Graciene Silva Mota, Isabel Miranda, Fábio Akira Mori, Helena Pereira 4820-4831
Graphene Oxide from Indonesian Biomass: Synthesis and Characterization PDF
Ganden Supriyanto, Nia K. Rukman, Atina Khoiron Nisa, Miftakhul Jannatin, Benedictus Piere, Abdullah Abdullah, Mohamad Zakki Fahmi, Heri Septya Kusuma 4832-4840
Recycling of Colored Office Paper. Part II: Post-bleaching with Formamidine Sulfinic Acid and Hydrogen Peroxide PDF
Emrah Peşman, Mehtap Parlak 4841-4855
Effect of Moisture Content on the Air Permeability of Oriented Strand Boards PDF
Matěj Hodoušek, Martin Böhm, Anna Součková, Štěpán Hýsek 4856-4869
Production of Multiple Biofuels from Whole Camelina Material: A Renewable Energy Crop PDF
Balsam T. Mohammad, Mohammad Al-Shannag, Mohammad Alnaief, Lakhveer Singh, Eric Singsaas, Malek Alkasrawi 4870-4883
Phenols Production from Online Catalytic Conversion of Corn Stalk Pyrolysis Vapors using Char in-situ PDF
Yunchao Li, Xianhua Wang, Huawei Song, Jingai Shao, Hongtao Ma, Hanping Chen 4884-4896
Comparative Evaluation of Enzymatic Hydrolysis Potential of Eichhornia crassipes and Sugarcane Bagasse for Fermentable Sugar Production PDF
Kai Xiao, Wenbing Zhou, Mingjian Geng, Wei Feng, Yanyan Wang, Naidong Xiao, Duanwei Zhu, Feng Zhu, Guanglong Liu 4897-4915
Direct Dissolution and Spinning of the Agricultural Waste of Corn Straw Pulp PDF
Xin Gao, Yongqi Yu, Zeming Jiang, Yang Liu, Wentao Zhang, Liping Zhang 4916-4930
Characterization of Moderately Thermostable α-Amylase-producing Bacillus licheniformis from Decaying Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes PDF
Muhammad Adnan Ashraf, Muhammad Imran Arshad, Sajjad Ur Rahman, Ahrar Khan 4931-4945
Effect of Delignification on Hemicellulose Extraction from Switchgrass, Poplar, and Pine and Its Effect on Enzymatic Convertibility of Cellulose-rich Residues PDF
Wenhui Geng, Richard A. Venditti, Joel J. Pawlak, Hou-min Chang 4946-4963
Resistance of Eucalyptus and Corymbia Treated Woods against Three Fungal Species PDF
Dercilio Junior Verly Lopes, Juarez Benigno Paes, Gabrielly dos Santos Bobadilha 4964-4972
Kinetic Analysis of Fe(II)-promoted Ethanol Preparation from Cornstalks PDF
Kun Chen, Dehuan Liu, Xu Chen, Zhiwen Fan 4973-4985
Synthesis and Characterization of Maleic Anhydride-grafted Orange Waste for Potential Use in Biocomposites PDF
Veronika Bátori, Mostafa Jabbari, Rajiv K. Srivastava, Dan Åkesson, Patrik R. Lennartsson, Akram Zamani, Mohammad J. Taherzadeh 4986-4997
Effect of Pretreatments on Compost Production from Shredded Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch with Palm Oil Mill Effluent Anaerobic Sludge and Chicken Manure PDF
Nurul Husna Che Hamzah, Azmi Yahya, Hasfalina Che Man, Azhari Samsu Baharuddin 4998-5012
Production of Fungal Biomass Protein by Filamentous Fungi Cultivation on Liquid Waste Streams from Pulping Process PDF
Mohammadtaghi Asadollahzadeh, Ali Ghasemian, Ahmadreza Saraeian, Hossein Resalati, Mohammad J. Taherzadeh 5013-5031
New Technology for Producing Fibrillar Fines Directly from Wood PDF
Ilkka Nurminen, Erkki Saharinen, Jari Sirviö 5032-5041
The pH Behavior of Seventeen Deep Eutectic Solvents PDF
Andrea Skulcova, Albert Russ, Michal Jablonsky, Jozef Sima 5042-5051
Characterization of Culturable Bacteria from Pulp and Paper Industry Wastewater, with the Potential for Degradation of Cellulose, Starch, and Lipids PDF
Ana Maria Bailon-Salas, Luis Alberto Ordaz-Díaz, Sergio Valle-Cervantes, Javier López-Miranda, Norma Urtiz-Estrada, Jesus Bernando Páez-Lerma, Juan Antonio Rojas-Contreras 5052-5064
Effect of Cold Plasma Surface Pre-treatment of Wheat Straw Particles on Straw Board Properties PDF
Štěpán Hýsek, Milan Podlena, Martin Böhm, Henry Bartsch, Christoph Wenderdel 5065-5079
Effect of Integration Method and Carbonization Temperature on the Performance of an Integrated Hydrothermal Carbonization and CHP Plant PDF
Jussi Saari, Katja Kuparinen, Ekaterina Sermyagina, Esa Vakkilainen, Juha Kaikko, Vitaly Sergeev 5080-5110
Comparative Reliability Analysis of Selected Joints for Case Furniture PDF
Robert Kłos, Beata Fabisiak, Hon Keung Tony Ng 5111-5123
Micro-distribution, Water Absorption, and Dimensional Stability of Wood Treated with Epoxidized Plant Oils PDF
Gaye Köse Demirel, Ali Temiz, Mohamed Jebrane, Nasko Terziev, Engin Derya Gezer 5124-5138
Improvement to the Solubility and Reactivity of Purified Bamboo Fibers Using a Combined Chemi-mechanical Process PDF
Man Li, Guigan Fang, Zhaosheng Cai, Jing Zhou, Hongyu Fan 5139-5152
Lignin Content of Agro-forestry Biomass Negatively Affects the Resultant Biochar pH PDF
Yuwei Huang, Fengcheng Li, Jun Meng, Wenfu Chen 5153-5163
ZnCl2 Pretreatment of Bamboo Chips to Produce Chemi-thermomechanical Pulp: Saving Refining Energy and Improving Pulp Properties PDF
Zhijun Hu, Brian Musikavanhu, Jing Li, Jiang Li, Zhibin He 5164-5178
Axial Loading of Different Single-pin Dowels and Effect on Withdrawal Strength PDF
Milan Podlena, Štěpán Hýsek, Jiří Procházka, Martin Böhm, Jan Bomba 5179-5192
The Effects of Time and Temperature in Hydrothermal Pretreatment on the Enzymatic Efficiency of Wheat Straw PDF
Qian Chen, Kaige Chen, Kun Wang, Jianfeng Ma, Haiyan Yang, Jinghuan Chen 5193-5203
Analysis of the Physical and Chemical Properties of Activated Carbons Based on Hulless Barley Straw and Plain Wheat Straw Obtained by H3PO4 Activation PDF
Bing Wang, Yonggang Li, Hongyu Si, Huiyuan Chen, Ming Zhang, Tao Song 5204-5212
Degumming Crude Enzyme Produced by Bacillus cereus HDYM-02 and its Application in Flax Retting PDF
Dan Zhao, Chao Pan, Wenxiang Ping, Jingping Ge 5213-5224
Acetone–Butanol–Ethanol Fermentation of Non-detoxified Dilute Acid extracted Hemicellulosic Hydrolysate from the Short-rotation Coppice Salix schwerinii E. Wolf PDF
Suvi Kuittinen, Ming Yang, Erik Kaipiainen, Aki Villa, Markku Keinänen, Jouko Vepsäläinen, Ari Pappinen 5225-5240

Review Articles (Peer Reviewed)

Nonaqueous Solution Deacidification Treatments to Prolong the Storage Life of Acidic Books: A Review of Mechanistic and Process Aspects PDF
Martin A. Hubbe, Ute Henniges, Antje Potthast, Kyujin Ahn, Richard D. Smith

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