Vol 8, No 1 (2013)

Table of Contents

Editorials (Opinion Pieces)

The Joy of Bioresources: Sustainable Forest-Recreation Connections PDF
Yu-Fai Leung, Glenn Catts 1-2
Combined Application of Extrusion and Irradiation Technologies: A Strategy Oriented for Green and Cost-Effective Chemistry PDF
Ali Ayoub, Richard A. Venditti, Joel J. Pawlak, Valerie Massardier 3-5
Fluorescent Semiconductor Nanocrystals, A Promising Fluorescent Anti-Counterfeiting Material for Specialty Paper PDF
Qijie Chen, Fushan Chen, Yongxiang Yan 6-7
Large-Scale Biochar Production from Crop Residue: A New Idea and the Biogas-Energy Pyrolysis System PDF
Shenqiang Wang, Xu Zhao, Guangxi Xing, Linzhang Yang 8-11

Research Articles (Peer Reviewed)

Antifungal Activity of Heartwood Extracts from Three Juniperus Species PDF
Ibrahim Tumen, Fred J. Eller, Carol A. Clausen, Jeffrey A. Teel 12-20
Investigating the Possibility of Chemi-mechanical Pulping of Bagasse PDF
Alireza Khakifirooz, Foad Ravanbakhsh, Ahmad Samariha, Majid Kiaei 21-30
Deinking of Different Furnishes of Recycled MOW, ONP, and OMG Pulps in Silicate-Free Conditions Using Organic Complex of PHASS PDF
Iman Akbarpour, Mansour Ghaffari, Ali Ghasemian 31-44
Effects of Flotation Deinking on the Removal of Main Colors of Oil-Based Inks from Uncoated and Coated Office Papers PDF
Sami İmamoğlu, Arif Karademir, Emrah Peşman, Cem Aydemir, Celil Atik 45-58
Mechanical and Thermal Properties of High Density Polyethylene – Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles Composites PDF
Brent H. Tisserat, Louis Reifschneider, Rogers Harry O’Kuru, Victoria L. Finkenstadt 59-75
The Effect of Operating Parameters on Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis of Palm Oil Mill Effluent for Reclamation and Reuse of Water PDF
Nazatul Shima Azmi, Khairul Faezah Md Yunos, Azhari Samsu Baharuddin, Zanariah Md Dom 76-87
Quantification of Potential Lignocellulosic Biomass in Fruit Trees Grown in Mediterranean Regions PDF
Harald Fernández-Puratich, José V. Oliver-Villanueva, David Alfonso-Solar, Elisa Peñalvo-López 88-103
Borate-Treated Strand Board from Southern Wood Species: Resistance Against Decay and Mold Fungi PDF
Xinwu Xu, Sunyoung Lee, Yiqiang Wu, Qinglin Wu 104-114
Cantilever Beam Static and Dynamic Response Comparison with Mid-Point Bending for Thin MDF Composite Panels PDF
John F. Hunt, Houjiang Zhang, Zhiren Guo, Feng Fu 115-129
Synthesis and Urea-Loading of an Eco-Friendly Superabsorbent Composite Based on Mulberry Branches PDF
Xiying Liang, Yong Zhang, Lin Liu, Juming Yao 130-144
The Industrial Applicability of Purified Cellulase Complex Indigenously Produced by Trichoderma viride Through Solid-State Bio-processing of Agro-Industrial and Municipal Paper Wastes PDF
Muhammad Nasir Irshad, Zahid Anwar, Hamama Islam But, Amber Afroz, Nadia Ikram, Umer Rashid 145-157
Impact of Lignin and Carbohydrate Chemical Structures on Degradation Reactions during Hardwood Kraft Pulping Processes PDF
Ricardo B. Santos, Hasan Jameel, Hou-min Chang, Peter W. Hart 158-171
A Method for Rapid Determination of Sugars in Lignocellulose Prehydrolyzate PDF
Congcong Chi, Hou-min Chang, Zhijian Li, Hasan Jameel, Zeng Zhang 172-181
Variation of Equilibrium Moisture Content of Heat-treated Couratari oblongifolia, Fraxinus excelsior, and Quercus rubra Wood PDF
Qiaofang Zhou, Dengyun Tu, Li Liao, Qiong Guo 182-188
Stickies Control with Pectinase for Improving Behavior of Cationic Polymers in a Mixture of Chemithermomechanical Pulp and Deinked Pulp PDF
Zongquan Li, Congxiang Liu, Menghua Qin, Yingjuan Fu, Yang Gao 189-200
Effect of Weathering on the Properties of Hybrid Composite Based on Polyethylene, Woodflour, and Nanoclay PDF
Amir Eshraghi, Habibollah Khademieslam, Ismaeil Ghasemi, Mohammad Talaiepoor 201-210
Effects of Heat Treatment on the Physical Properties of Heartwood and Sapwood of Cedrus libani PDF
Bekir Cihad Bal 211-219
Pyrolysis Characteristic of Tobacco Stem Studied by Py-GC/MS, TG-FTIR, and TG-MS PDF
Bei Liu, You-Ming Li, Shu-Bin Wu, Yan-Heng Li, Shan-Shan Deng, Zheng-Lin Xia 220-230
Prediction of Bending Properties for Turkish Red Pine (Pinus brutia Ten.) Lumber using Stress Wave Method PDF
Ergun Guntekin, Zeynep Gozde Emiroglu, Tugba Yilmaz 231-237
Minimizing Viscosity Loss during Totally Chlorine-Free Bleaching of Hardwood Kraft Pulp PDF
Frédéric Pouyet, Dominique Lachenal, Satyajit Das, Christine Chirat 238-249
Optimization of Lignin Peroxidase, Manganese Peroxidase, and Lac Production from Ganoderma lucidum Under Solid State Fermentation of Pineapple Leaf PDF
Sudha Hariharan, Padma Nambisan 250-271
Effect of Modification with Phenol Formaldehyde Resin on the Mechanical Properties of Wood from Chinese Fir PDF
Yanhui Huang, Benhua Fei, Yan Yu, Rongjun Zhao 272-282
Evaluation of the Properties of Particleboard Made Using Oil Palm Starch Modified with Epichlorohydrin PDF
Nurul Syuhada Sulaiman, Rokiah Hashim, Mohd Hazim Mohamad Amini, Othman Sulaiman, Salim Hiziroglu 283-301
Response Surface Modeling of Hydrothermal Treatment Conditions on Color Changes, Strength, and Durability Properties of Rubberwood PDF
Taweesin Wongprot, Nirundorn Matan, Narumol Matan, Wanchart Preechatiwong, Buhnnum Kyokong 302-312
Enhancing Mechanical Properties of Ceramic Papers Loaded with Zeolites using Borate Compounds as Binders PDF
Juan P. Cecchini, Ramiro M. Serra, María A. Ulla, Miguel A. Zanuttini, Viviana G. Milt 313-326
Curing Behavior and Properties of Rice Husk/Melamine Formaldehyde Composites PDF
Cong Chen, Weihong Guo, Yuli Zhou, Pengcheng Xiao, Yifan Li, Jikui Wang 327-339
A Simple Nickel Activation Process for Electroless Nickel-Phosphorus Plating on Carbon Fiber PDF
Tingguo Yan, Leihong Li, Lijuan Wang 340-349
Chemical Composition of Lipophilic Extractives from Grey Alder (Alnus incana) PDF
Oskars Bikovens, Liga Roze, Andrey Pranovich, Markku Reunanen, Galina Telysheva 350-357
Torrefaction of Babassu: A Potential Utilization Pathway PDF
Patrick Rousset, Clarissa Aguiar, Ghislaine Volle, João Anacleto, Mario De Souza 358-370
Effect of Hydrothermal Treatment with Different Aqueous Solutions on the Mold Resistance of Moso Bamboo with Chemical and FTIR Analysis PDF
Dali Cheng, Shenxue Jiang, Qisheng Zhang 371-382
Comparative Analysis of Longitudinal Compressive and Bending Properties of Hydrothermal-Treated Juvenile and Mature Elm Wood PDF
Da Tong, Yan Zhang, Kuiyan Song 383-394
Impregnation of Preservative and Fire Retardants into Japanese Cedar Lumber by Passive Impregnation PDF
Md Nazrul Islam, Keisuke Ando, Hidefumi Yamauchi, Daisuke Kamikawa, Toshiro Harada, Nobuaki Hattori 395-404
Soluble Polysaccharides Isolation and Characterization from Rabbiteye Blueberry (Vaccinium ashei) Fruits PDF
Jia Deng, Zheng-Jun Shi, Xian-Zhong Li, Hui-Min Liu 405-419
Effect of Resination Technique on Mechanical Properties of Medium Density Fiberboard PDF
Nadir Ayrilmis, M. Erdal Kara 420-426
Industrial Cellolignin Wastes as Adsorbent for Removal of Methylene Blue Dye from Aqueous Solutions PDF
Daniela Suteu, Teodor Malutan 427-446
Production of Reducing Sugar from Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) Cellulose Fibres via Acid Hydrolysis PDF
Siew Xian Chin, Chin Hua Chia, Sarani Zakaria 447-460
Hydrothermal Extraction and Micronization of Polysaccharides from Ganoderma lucidum in a One-Step Process PDF
Yui Matsunaga, Wahyudiono ,, Siti Machmudah, R. Askin, Armando T. Quitain, Mitsuru Sasaki, Motonobu Goto 461-471
The Elongation Potential of Paper – How Should Fibres be Deformed to Make Paper Extensible? PDF
Xiling Zeng, Alexey Vishtal, Elias Retulainen, Eino Sivonen, Shiyu Fu 472-486
Dimensional Stability and Water Repellency of European Aspen Improved by Oxidized Carbohydrates PDF
Qian Yang, Olov Karlsson, Sheikh Ali Ahmed, Tom Morén 487-498
Optimization of the Pretreatment of Prosopis nigra Sawdust for the Production of Fermentable Sugars PDF
Eliana Paola Dagnino, Ester Ramona Chamorro, Silvia Daniela Romano, Fernando Esteban Felissia, María Cristina Area 499-514
Enhancing Antimicrobial Activity in Unbleached Kraft Pulp using Laccase and Phenolic Compounds PDF
Jicheng Pei, Ying Zhang, Fangdong Zhang, Xiuling Yu, Xiaoting Yan 515-529
Wood Anatomy and Topochemistry of Bombax ceiba L. and Bombax insigne Wall. PDF
Khin Maung Sint, Stergios Adamopoulos, Gerald Koch, František Hapla, Holger Militz 530-544
Optimizing the Extraction Yield of Polyprenols from Needles of Cunninghamia lanceolata (Lamb.) Hook using Response Surface Methodology and its Antioxidative Activities PDF
Ping Jiang, Yang Zhang, Zongxing Shan, Qinghe Zheng 545-556
The Deinkability Improvement of Offset Prints Made from a Two-Side Coated Substrate PDF
Zeljka Barbaric-Mikocevic, Ivana Plazonic, Vesna Dzimbeg-Malcic 557-570
Antioxidant-Enriched Leaf Water Extracts of Cinnamomum osmophloeum from Eleven Provenances and their Bioactive Flavonoid Glycosides PDF
Chi-Lin Wu, Hui-Ting Chang, Yen-Ray Hsui, Yu-Wen Hsu, Ju-Yun Liu, Sheng‐Yang Wang, Shang-Tzen Chang 571-580
Modification of Chinese Fir with Alkyl Ketene Dimer (AKD): Processing and Characterization PDF
Zengqian Shi, Feng Fu, Siqun Wang, Sheng He, Rui Yang 581-591
Surface Properties and Hardness of Polypropylene Composites Filled With Sunflower Stalk Flour PDF
Alperen Kaymakci, Nadir Ayrilmis, Turker Gulec 592-602
Effects of the Thickness of the Heat-Treated Wood Specimen on Water-Soluble Extractives and Mechanical Properties of Merbau Heartwood PDF
Chuanshuang Hu, Guifen Jiang, Jianhui Zhou, Min Xiao, Zhao Yi 603-611
Production of Xylooligosaccharides from Forest Waste by Membrane Separation and Paenibacillus Xylanase Hydrolysis PDF
Chun-Han Ko, Tzenge-Lien Shih, Bi-Ting Jhan, Fang-Chih Chang, Ya-Nang Wang, Yi-Chung Wang 612-627
Activity-Guided Screening of the Antioxidants from Paulownia tomentosa var. tomentosa Bark PDF
Chuan-Ling Si, Shi-Chao Liu, Hai-Yan Hu, Ju-Zheng Jiang, Guo-Jing Yu, Xiao-Dan Ren, Guang-Hui Xu 628-637
Comparative Properties of Bamboo and Rice Straw Pellets PDF
Xianmiao Liu, Zhijia Liu, Benhua Fei, Zhiyong Cai, Zehui Jiang, Xing'e Liu 638-647
Distribution and Characterizations of Liquefaction of Celluloses in Sub- and Super-Critical Ethanol PDF
Chao-Yang Zheng, Hong-Xiu Tao, Xin-An Xie 648-662
Specific Energy Consumption Regression and Process Parameters Optimization in Wet-Briquetting of Rice Straw at Normal Temperature PDF
Jianjun Hu, Tingzhou Lei, Shengqiang Shen, Quanguo Zhang 663-675
Cellulase Production from Treated Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch Degradation by Locally Isolated Thermobifida fusca PDF
Nor Amira Farhana Harun, Azhari Samsu Baharuddin, Mohd Huzairi Mohd Zainudin, Ezyana Kamal Bahrin, M. Nazli Naim, Rabitah Zakaria 676-687
Application of Nondestructive Methods to Evaluate Mechanical Properties of 32-Year-Old Taiwan Incense Cedar (Calocedrus formosana) Wood PDF
Chih-Ming Chiu, Chih-Hsien Lin, Te-Hsin Yang 688-700
Determining the Potential of Inedible Weed Biomass for Bio-Energy and Ethanol Production PDF
Siripong Premjet, Boondarick Pumira, Duangporn Premjet 701-716
The Content of Different Hydrogen Bond Models and Crystal Structure of Eucalyptus Fibers during Beating PDF
Longting Yuan, Jinquan Wan, Yongwen Ma, Yan Wang, Mingzhi Huang, Yangmei Chen 717-734
Synthesis, Characterization, and Bioactivity of Rosin Quaternary Ammonium Salt Derivatives PDF
Tao Liang, Yuanyuan Zhang, Shujun Li, Thi Thanh Hien Nguyen 735-742
Physical Properties of Tannin/Furanic Resin Foamed With Different Blowing Agents PDF
Xinjun Li, Antonio Pizzi, Clément Lacoste, Vanessa Fierro, Alain Celzard 743-752
Effect of Wood Acetylation with Vinyl Acetate and Acetic Anhydride on the Properties of Wood-Plastic Composites PDF
Nilgül Özmen, Nihat Sami Cetin, Fatih Mengeloğlu, Emre Birinci, Kadir Karakuş 753-767
Flocculation Efficiency of Chitosan for Papermaking Applications PDF
Raluca Nicu, Elena Bobu, Ruben Miranda, Angeles Blanco 768-784
Production and Characterisation of Cellulose and Nano-Crystalline Cellulose from Kenaf Core Wood PDF
Hoong Chi Chan, Chin Hua Chia, Sarani Zakaria, Ishak Ahmad, Alain Dufresne 785-794
Investigation of Parameters Affecting Surface Roughness in CNC Routing Operation on Wooden EGP PDF
Abdullah Sütçü 795-805
Tensile Properties, Water Uptake, and Thermal Properties of Polypropylene/Waste Pulverized Tire/Kenaf (PP/WPT/KNF) Composites PDF
Pang Ai Ling, Hanafi Ismail 806-817
Assessment of Mechanical Properties of Wood-Leather Panels and the Differences in the Panel Structure by Means of X-Ray Computed Tomography PDF
Stefanie Wieland, Tilman Grünewald, Sven Ostrowski, Bernhard Plank, Gernot Standfest, Brigitte Mies, Alexander Petutschnigg 818-832
Biological Decay and Termite Resistance of Post-Treated Wood-Based Composites under Protected Above-Ground Conditions: A Preliminary Study after 36 Months of Exposure PDF
Cihat Tascioglu, Tsuyoshi Yoshimura, Kunio Tsunoda 833-843
Co-Firing Ramie Residue with Supplementary Coal in a Cyclone Furnace PDF
Qiguo Yi, Fangjie Qi, Bo Xiao, Zhiquan Hu, Shiming Liu 844-854
Ultrasound-Assisted Vacuum Drying of Wood: Effects on Drying Time and Product Quality PDF
Zhengbin He, Yang Fei, Yiqing Peng, Songlin Yi 855-863
Toward Thermoplastic Lignin Polymers; Part II: Thermal & Polymer Characteristics of Kraft Lignin & Derivatives PDF
Chengzhong Cui, Hasan Sadeghifar, Sanghamitra Sen, Dimitris S. Argyropoulos 864-886
Laccase-Catalyzed Fiber Functionalization with Different Phenolic Compounds for Enhancing Pulp Strength PDF
Na Liu, Menghua Qin, Zongquan Li 887-899
Bamboo and High Density Polyethylene Composite with Heat-Treated Bamboo Fiber: Thermal Decomposition Properties PDF
Yanjun Li, Lanxing Du, Chi Kai, Runzhou Huang, Qinglin Wu 900-912
Morphology and Mechanical Properties of Zinc Borate-Pretreated Poplar Wood Flour/Plastic Composite PDF
Alireza Badritala, Seyyed Khalil Hosseini Hashemi, Behzad Kord, Seyed Majid Zabihzadeh, Vahidreza Safdari 913-922
Bamboo Bundle Corrugated Laminated Composites (BCLC). Part II. Damage Analysis under Low Velocity Impact Loading PDF
Zehui Jiang, Fuming Chen, Ge Wang, Xing'e Liu, Sheldon Q. Shi, Zixuan Yu, Hai-tao Cheng 923-932
Cellulose Nanowhiskers Isolation and Properties from Acid Hydrolysis Combined with High Pressure Homogenization PDF
Mingzhu Pan, Xiaoyan Zhou, Minzhi Chen 933-943
Optimization of Ligninolytic Enzymes Production through Response Surface Methodology PDF
Qamar Yasmeen, Muhammad Asgher, Munir A. Sheikh, Haq Nawaz 944-968
Effect of Physical Parameters on Second Generation Bio-Ethanol Production from Oil Palm Frond by Saccharomyces cerevisiae PDF
Sheh-Hong Lim, Darah Ibrahim, Ibrahim Che Omar 969-980
Effects of Thermal Modification on the Properties of Two Vietnamese Bamboo Species. Part II: Effects on Chemical Composition PDF
Martina Bremer, S. Fischer, T. C. Nguyen, A. Wagenführ, L. X. Phuong, V. H. Dai 981-993
Galactoglucomannan Derivatives and Their Application in Papermaking PDF
Hanna Lindqvist, Jessica Holmback, Ari Rosling, Kristian Salminen, Bjarne Holmbom, Markku Auer, Anna Sundberg 994-1010
Characterization and Utilization Potential of Wood Ash from Combustion Process and Carbon Residue from Gasification Process PDF
Sari Kilpimaa, Toivo Kuokkanen, Ulla Lassi 1011-1027
Pyrolysis of Paper Sludge and Utilization for Ionic Dye Adsorption PDF
Shao-Hua Hu, Shen-Chih Hu 1028-1042
A Rapid Method for Quantification of Carboxyl Groups in Cellulose Pulp PDF
Luiz C. A. Barbosa, Célia R. A. Maltha, Antônio J. Demuner, Cristiane M. Cazal, Efraim L. Reis, Jorge Luiz Colodette 1043-1054
Preparation of Concrete Superplasticizer by Oxidation-Sulfomethylation of Sodium Lignosulfonate PDF
Guang Yu, Bin Li, Haisong Wang, Chao Liu, Xindong Mu 1055-1063
Effect of Maleic Anhydride Content and Ethanol Dilution on the Polymerization of Furfuryl Alcohol in Wood Veneer Studied by Differential Scanning Calorimetry PDF
Nadine Herold, Tobias Dietrich, Warren J. Grigsby, Robert A. Franich, Anja Winkler, Beate Buchelt, Alexander Pfriem 1064-1075
The Mechanical Strength Change of Wood Modified with DMDHEU PDF
Jie Yuan, Yingcheng Hu, Lifen Li, Fangchao Cheng 1076-1088
Influence of the Enzyme Addition Point on Recycled Industrial Pulp Properties PDF
Mirtha G. Maximino, María Claudia Taleb, Ana M. Adell 1089-1099
Thermo-vacuum Modification of some European Softwood and Hardwood Species Treated at Different Conditions PDF
Silvia Ferrari, Ignazia Cuccui, Ottaviano Allegretti 1100-1109
Graded Ethanol Fractionation and Structural Characterization of Alkali-Extractable Hemicelluloses from Olea europaea L. PDF
Xiaopeng Peng, Jing Bian, Mingfei Li, Xiao Xiao, Xinli Xia, Weilun Yin, Runcang Sun 1110-1123
Solid-state Fermentation of Kitchen Waste for Production of Bacillus thuringiensis-based Bio-pesticide PDF
Weiwei Zhang, Lina Qiu, Aijun Gong, Yanqiu Cao, Bin Wang 1124-1135
Shrinkage and Stability of Thermo-Mechanically Modified Aspen Wood PDF
Milan Gaff, Miroslav Gašparík 1136-1146
Optimization of the Removal of Copper(II) Ions from Aqueous Solution on Chitosan and Cross-Linked Chitosan Beads PDF
Viorica Patrulea, Anamaria Negrulescu, Manuela M. Mincea, Laura D. Pitulice, Otilia Bizerea Spiridon, Vasile Ostafe 1147-1165
Brazilian Lignocellulosic Wastes for Bioenergy Production: Characterization and Comparison with Fossil Fuels PDF
Thiago de Paula Protásio, Lina Bufalino, Gustavo Henrique Denzin Tonoli, Mario Guimarães Junior, Paulo Fernando Trugilho, Lourival Marin Mendes 1166-1185
Factors Affecting Bleachability of Eucalypt Pulp PDF
Daniela Correia Martino, Jorge Luiz Colodette, Teresa Cristina Fonseca Silva, Dalton Longue Júnior, Dayana Mendes Louzada de Paula, Marco Antônio Bandeira Azevedo 1186-1198
Norway Spruce (Picea abies [L.] Karst.) as a Bioresource: Evaluation of Solid Wood, Particleboard, and MDF Technological Properties and Formaldehyde Emission PDF
Mohamed Zidan Mohamed Salem, Aleš Zeidler, Martin Böhm, Jaromír Srba 1199-1221
Wood and Bamboo-PP Composites: Fungal and Termite Resistance, Water Absorption, and FT-IR Analyses PDF
S. Nami Kartal, Sema Aysal, Evren Terzi, Nural Yılgör, Tsuyoshi Yoshimura, Kunio Tsunoda 1222-1244
Impact of Drying on the Quality of Bamboo Kraft Pulps PDF
Anette Heijnesson-Hultén, Sanchuan Guo, Jiri Basta, Geoffrey Daniel, Huaiyu Zhan, Ulf Germgård 1245-1257
Optimization of Acid Pretreatment in order to Increase the Phenolic Content of Picea abies Bark by Surface Response Methodology PDF
Xavier Duret, Emmanuel Fredon, Eric Masson, Lyne Desharnais, Philippe Gérardin 1258-1273
Some Physical and Mechanical Properties of Uncatalysed Acetylated Paper PDF
Mojtaba Soltani, Meisam Andalib, Morteza Ravanbakhsh 1274-1282
Water-Resistant Soybean Adhesive for Wood Binder Employing Combinations of Caustic Degradation, Nano-Modification, and Chemical Crosslinking PDF
Yuehong Zhang, Wuquan Zhu, Ying Lu, Zhenhua Gao, Jiyou Gu 1283-1291
Xylanase and β-Xylosidase from Penicillium janczewskii: Production, Physico-chemical Properties, and Application of the Crude Extract to Pulp Biobleaching PDF
César R. F. Terrasan, Beatriz Temer, Camila Sarto, Francides G. Silva Júnior, Eleonora Cano Carmona 1292-1305
Oxygen Delignification of Wheat Straw Soda Pulp with Anthraquinone Addition PDF
Zhulan Liu, Yunfeng Cao, Hua Yao, Siqi Wu 1306-1319
Enzymatic Saccharification of Oil Palm Mesocarp Fiber (OPMF) Treated with Superheated Steam PDF
Nik Anis Nik Mahmud, Azhari Samsu Baharuddin, Ezyana Kamal Bahrin, Alawi Sulaiman, Mohd Nazli Naim, Rabitah Zakaria, Mohd Ali Hassan, Haruo Nishida, Yoshihito Shirai 1320-1331
Bleaching of Bamboo (Phyllostachys bambusoides) Kraft-AQ Pulp with Sodium Perborate Tetrahydrate (SPBTH) after Oxygen Delignification PDF
Onur Tolga Okan, İlhan Deniz, İbrahim Yildirim 1332-1344
Factors Related to Minerals and Ingredients Influencing the Distribution of Pyrolysates Derived from Herbaceous Biomass PDF
Rui Lou, Shubin Wu, Gaojin Lv, Anlong Zhang 1345-1360
Vinyl Acetate Modified Scots Pine Reinforced HDPE Composites: Influence of Various Levels of Modification on Mechanical and Thermal Properties PDF
Nilgül Özmen, Nihat Sami Çetin, Fatih Mengeloğlu, Emre Birinci 1361-1373
Preparation of Ultralong Cellulose Nanofibers and Optically Transparent Nanopapers Derived from Waste Corrugated Paper Pulp PDF
Haiying Wang, Dagang Li, Ranran Zhang 1374-1384
A Newly Isolated Wood-rot Fungus for Laccase Production in Submerged Cultures PDF
Kai Fu, Shiyu Fu, Huaiyu Zhan, Pandeng Zhou, Mengru Liu, Hao Liu 1385-1397
Synthesis and Characterization of Cellulose Carbamate from Wood Pulp, Assisted by Supercritical Carbon Dioxide PDF
Yang Zhang, Cuiyu Yin, Yufeng Zhang, Haiyan Wu 1398-1408
Optimization and Simulation Research of Tensile Properties of Wood Lap Joint PDF
Wei Lu, Yingcheng Hu, Jia Yao, Yanfang Li 1409-1419
Pre-optimization of Medium for Biobutanol Production by a New Isolate of Solvent-producing Clostridium PDF
Najeeb Kaid Al-Shorgani, Aidil Abdul Hamid, Wan Mohtar Wan Yusoff, Mohd Sahaid Kalil 1420-1430

Review Articles (Peer Reviewed)

Advances in the Control of Dissolved and Colloidal Substances Present in Papermaking Processes: A Brief Review PDF
Qingxian Miao, Liulian Huang, Lihui Chen 1431-1455
Wood Based Lignin Reactions Important to the Biorefinery and Pulp and Paper Industries PDF
Ricardo B. Santos, Peter Hart, Hasan Jameel, Hou-min Chang 1456-1477
Structural Changes in Wood under Artificial UV Light Irradiation Determined by FTIR Spectroscopy and Color Measurements – A Brief Review PDF
Carmen Alice Teacă, Dan Roşu, Ruxanda Bodîrlău, Liliana Roşu 1478-1507

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