Vol 8, No 3 (2013)

Table of Contents

Editorials (Opinion Pieces)

Reconsidering the Concept of Dry Surface Treatment of Cellulosic Paper to Produce Coated Paper Products PDF
Fei Yang, Jing Shen 3177-3180

Research Articles (Peer Reviewed)

Biobleaching of Wheat Straw Pulp using Laccase and Xylanase PDF
Guilong Xu, Xiwen Wang, Jian Hu 3181-3188
Determination of the Surface Roughness of Heat-Treated Wood Materials Planed by the Cutters of a Horizontal Milling Machine PDF
Mehmet Budakçı, Abdullah Cemil İlçe, Tuğba Gürleyen, Mustafa Utar 3189-3199
One-Step Heterogeneous Catalytic Process for the Dehydration of Xylan into Furfural PDF
Hui-Ling Li, Shuai-Yang Wang, Wen-Ju Wang, Jun-Li Ren, Feng Peng, Run-Cang Sun, Lei Liang 3200-3211
Impact of Pulp Consistency on Refining Process Conducted under Constant Intensity Determined by SEL and SEC Factors PDF
Konrad Olejnik 3212-3230
Micromechanics of Mechanical, Thermomechanical, and Chemi-Thermomechanical Pulp from Orange Tree Pruning as Polypropylene Reinforcement: A Comparative Study PDF
Rafel Reixach, Elena Franco-Marquès, Nour-Eddine El Mansouri, Francisco Ramirez de Cartagena, Gerard Arbat, Francesc X. Espinach, Pere Mutjé 3231-3246
Simultaneous Separation and Quantification of Linear Xylo- and Cello-Oligosaccharides Mixtures in Lignocellulosics Processing Products on High-Performance Anion-Exchange Chromatography Coupled with Pulsed Amperometric Detection PDF
Yong Xu, Li Fan, Xing Wang, Qiang Yong, Shi-Yuan Yu 3247-3259
Modified Cocoa Pod Husk-Filled Polypropylene Composites by Using Methacrylic Acid PDF
Seong Chun Koay, Salmah Husseinsyah, Hakimah Osman 3260-3275
Application of Mechanical Models to Flax Fiber /Wood Fiber/ Plastic Composites PDF
Yan Cao, Weihong Wang, Qingwen Wang, Haigang Wang 3276-3288
Covalent Immobilization of Lipase onto Citric Acid-Esterified Loofah Sponge PDF
Jun Zhu, Jian Zhang, Qiumei Lai, Bo Jiang, Renmin Gong 3289-3298
Performance of Copper-Ethanolamine-impregnated Scots Pine Wood during Exposure to Terrestrial Microorganisms PDF
Nejc Thaler, Boštjan Lesar, Miha Humar 3299-3308
Removal of Cu(II) from Ethanol Fuel Using Mandarin Peel as Biosorbent PDF
Gabriela Costa Ribeiro, Luciana Melo Coelho, Eliezer Oliveira, Nívia M. M. Coelho 3309-3321
Effect of Environmental Conditions on the Mechanical Properties and Fungal Degradation of Polycaprolactone/ Microcrystalline Cellulose/Wood Flour Composites PDF
Ronald Sabo, Liwei Jin, Nicole Stark, Rebecca E. Ibach 3322-3335
Mechanical Properties Evaluation of Coir Toughened Unsaturated Polyester with Different Reinforced Body Forms PDF
Jia Yao, Wei Lu, Shoufan Rong, Yingcheng Hu 3336-3346
The Impact of Synthesis Conditions on the Structure and Properties of Di-(Stearylamidoethyl) Epoxypropyl Ammonium Chloride PDF
Mei Xu, Mengdie Xu, Hongqi Dai, Shumei Wang, Weibing Wu 3347-3357
Influence of Chemical Components of Oil Palm on Properties of Binderless Particleboard PDF
Junidah Lamaming, Othman Sulaiman, Tomoko Sugimoto, Rokiah Hashim, Norafizah Said, Masatoshi Sato 3358-3371
Changes in Temperature and Moisture Content in Beech Wood Plasticized by Microwave Heating PDF
Miroslav Gašparík, Milan Gaff 3372-3384
Improved Fiber Separation and Energy Reduction in Thermomechanical Pulp Refining Using Enzyme-Pretreated Wood PDF
Andre Lucien Pelletier, Yu Zhao, Xiaochun Lei, Kecheng Li 3385-3398
Bio-oil and Biochar as Additional Revenue Streams in South American Kraft Pulp Mills PDF
Marcelo Hamaguchi, Jussi Saari, Esa Vakkilainen 3399-3413
Electromagnetic-shielding, Wood-based Material Created Using a Novel Electroless Copper Plating Process PDF
Lijuan Wang, Jian Li 3414-3425
Delignification of Phragmites karka – a Wetland Grass – by Soda Pulping Process PDF
Lalit Kumar, Dharm Dutt, Amit Bharti 3426-3437
Physical and Mechanical Properties of Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose–Coated Paper as Affected by Coating Weight and Coating Composition PDF
Khaoula Khwaldia 3438-3452
Influence of Microwave Heating on the Liquefaction Kinetics of Corn Stover in Ethylene Glycol PDF
Zhenning Li, Lujia Han, Weihua Xiao 3453-3460
Application of Citrus sinensis Solid Waste as a Pseudo-Catalyst for Free Cyanide Conversion under Alkaline Conditions PDF
Bruno Alexandre Quistorp Santos, Seteno Karabo Obed Ntwampe, James Hamuel Doughari, Gift Muchatibaya 3461-3467
Neutral Sulfite Treatment of Lignocellulosic Pulps PDF
Elina Warsta, Tapani Vuorinen 3468-3478
Study of Ni/Char Catalyst for Biomass Gasification in an Updraft Gasifier: Influence of Catalyst Granular Size on Catalytic Performance PDF
Duo Wang 3479-3489
Hemicellulose Extraction from South African Eucalyptus grandis using Green Liquor and its Impact on Kraft Pulping Efficiency and Paper Making Properties PDF
Jonas Johakimu, Jerome Andrew 3490-3504
Preparation of Lignin-Based Anion Exchangers and their Utilization for Nitrate Removal PDF
Zhen Wang, Nana Bo, Yu Liu, Guihua Yang, Ying Liu, Yuan Zhao 3505-3517
Hydrotropic Fractionation of Birch Wood into Cellulose and Lignin: A New Step Towards Green Biorefinery PDF
Konstantin Gabov, Pedro Fardim, Francides Gomes da Silva Júnior 3518-3531
Mechanical Properties Research and Structural Characterization of Alkali Lignin / Poly(vinyl alcohol) Reaction Films PDF
Ling Su, Zhihua Xing, Di Wang, Guanhao Xu, Shixue Ren, Guizhen Fang 3532-3543
Flocculation Performance of Trimethyl Quaternary Ammonium Salt of Lignin-Sodium Alginate Polyampholyte PDF
Qiong Zhang, Di Wang, Ying Bei, Shixue Ren, Guizhen Fang 3544-3555
Study on the use of Roasted Barley Powder for Adsorption of Cu2+ Ions in Batch Experiments and in Fixed-bed Columns PDF
Raimundo N. P. Teixeira, Vicente O. Sousa Neto, Juliene T. Oliveira, Thalles C. Oliveira, Diego Q. Melo, Marcos A. A. Silva, Ronaldo F. Nascimento 3556-3573
Preparation of a Crosslinking Cassava Starch Adhesive and its Application in Coating Paper PDF
Songlin Wang, Fangfang Zhang, Fushan Chen, Zhiqiang Pang 3574-3589
Developing Environmentally Friendly Wood Composite Panels by Nanotechnology PDF
Zeki Candan, Turgay Akbulut 3590-3598
Fabricating Eco-Friendly Binderless Fiberboard from Laccase-Treated Rubber Wood Fiber PDF
Mohammed Nasir, Arun Gupta, M. D. H. Beg, Gek Kee Chua, Mohammad Jawaid, Anuj Kumar, Tanveer Ahmed Khan 3599-3608
Interaction between Nano TiO2 and Simulacra of Dissolved and Colloidal Substances in the Process Water of a Paper Machine PDF
Xueyan Deng, Xiaoquan Chen, Yan Li, Wenhao Shen 3609-3619
Biomass Gasification in an Air-Blown Down-Draft Gasifier: Determination of Tar Compounds from Producer Gas PDF
Henrik Romar, Tynjälä Pekka, Ulla Lassi 3620-3629
The Effect of Carbon and Nitrogen Sources on Bacterial Cellulose Production and Properties from Gluconacetobacter sucrofermentans CECT 7291 Focused on its use in Degraded Paper Restoration PDF
Sara M. Santos, José M. Carbajo, Juan Carlos Villar 3630-3645
Physical Properties and Printability Characteristics of Mechanical Printing Paper with LWC PDF
Jafar Ebrahimpour Kasmani, Saeed Mahdavi, Abdollah Alizadeh, Mohammad Nemati, Ahmad Samariha 3646-3656
Purification and Characterization of beta 1,4-Glucanases from Penicillium simplicissimum H-11 PDF
Hongzhi Bai, Hui Wang, Junde Sun, Muhammad Irfan, Mei Han, Yuqian Huang, Xiaori Han, Qian Yang 3657-3671
Modeling of the Mechanical Properties of a Wood-Fiber/Bicomponent-Fiber Composite PDF
Herman van Dyk, Perry Peralta, Ilona Peszlen 3672-3684
Transformation and Products Distribution of Moso Bamboo and Derived Components During Pyrolysis PDF
Xue-Yong Ren, Zhong-Tao Zhang, Wen-Liang Wang, Hui Si, Xiao Wang, Jian-Min Chang 3685-3698
A Novel Method for the Determination of Hydrogen Peroxide in Bleaching Effluents by Spectroscopy PDF
Qian Zhang, Shiyu Fu, Hailong Li, Yu Liu 3699-3705
Direct Synthesis of Gold Nanocatalysts on TEMPO-oxidized Pulp Paper Containing Aldehyde Groups PDF
Akihiro Azetsu, Hirotaka Koga, Lu-Yang Yuan, Takuya Kitaoka 3706-3717
Using Bark as a Heat Insulation Material PDF
Günther Kain, Marius Catalin Barbu, Stefan Hinterreiter, Klaus Richter, Alexander Petutschnigg 3718-3731
Biogas Production from Chinese Herb-extraction Residues: Influence of Biomass Composition on Methane Yield PDF
Ming Wang, Wenzhe Li, Shuang Liu, Dan Liu, Lili Yin, Hu Yuan 3732-3740
The Development of Stresses during the Shaping of the Surface of Aspen Wood and Their Impact on the Quality of the Surface PDF
Milan Gaff, Miroslav Gašparík 3741-3752
Characterization of Laccase-Treated Kenaf Fibre Reinforced Recycled Polypropylene Composites PDF
Muhammad R. Islam, Mohammad D. H. Beg, Arun Gupta 3753-3770
Amphiphilic Spruce Galactoglucomannan Derivatives Based on Naturally-Occurring Fatty Acids PDF
Daniel Dax, Patrik Eklund, Jarl Hemming, Jawad Sarfraz, Peter Backman, Chunlin Xu, Stefan Willför 3771-3790
Studying the Effect of Size of Bagasse and Nanoclay Particles on Mechanical Properties and Morphology of Bagasse Flour/Recycled Polyethylene Composites PDF
Amir Hooman Hemmasi, Ismail Ghasemi, Behzad Bazyar, Ahmad Samariha 3791-3801
Biological Pretreatment under Non-sterile Conditions for Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Corn Stover PDF
Lili Song, Hongbo Yu, Fuying Ma, Xiaoyu Zhang 3802-3816
Physicochemical and Structural Characterization of Hemicelluloses Isolated by Different Alcohols from Rice Straw PDF
Xiao-Ni Nie, Jing Liu, Diao She, Run-Cang Sun, Feng Xu 3817-3832
Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Polyurethane Films from Peroxy-acid Wheat Straw Lignin PDF
Zhimin Wang, Xiaohui Yang, Yonghong Zhou, Chengguo Liu 3833-3843
Optimization of Multi-enzyme Production by Fungi Isolated from Palm Kernel Expeller using Response Surface Methodology PDF
Wei Li Chen, Juan Boo Liang, Mohammed Fasaleh Jahromi, Yin Wan Ho, Norhani Abdullah 3844-3857
Effect of Specimen Configuration and Lamination Construction on the Measurement of the In-plane Shear Modulus of Plywood Obtained by the Asymmetric Four-point Bending Test PDF
Hiroshi Yoshihara, Hiroki Kondo 3858-3868
Effect of Biological Pretreatment with White-rot Fungus Trametes hirsuta C7784 on Lignin Structure in Carex meyeriana Kunth PDF
Jian-Zhen Mao, Xun Zhang, Ming-Fei Li, Feng Xu 3869-3883
Analysis of Interactions between Colloidal Wood Pitch and Various Mineral Particles by Flow Cytometry PDF
Anders Strand, Hanna Lindqvist, Lari Vähäsalo, Markus Blomquist, Anna Sundberg 3884-3900
Preparation and Application of Maleic Anhydride-Acylated Chitosan for Wet Strength Improvement of Paper PDF
Zicheng Chen, Hui Zhang, Zhanqian Song, Xueren Qian 3901-3911
Improvement of Ethanol Fermentation from Oligosaccharides in Spent Sulfite Liquor with Pichia stipitis by Combined Calcium Oxide and Ion Exchange Resin Treatments PDF
Keishi Tanifuji, Shiho Takahashi, Kevin Shiell, Sarwar M. Jahan, Yonghao Ni, Hiroshi Ohi 3912-3923
Study of Chemical Modification by Impregnation of Fresh Poplar Log and by Hot-Press Drying Process PDF
Heyu Chen, Qian Lang, Hao Zhang, Guofeng Wu, Xue Zheng, Junwen Pu 3924-3933
Upgrading of Bio-oil in Supercritical Ethanol: Using Furfural and Acetic Acid as Model Compounds PDF
Wen Chen, Zhongyang Luo, Yi Yang, Guoxiang Li, Jixiang Zhang, Qi Dang 3934-3952
Hyperproduction of Manganese Peroxidase through Chemical Mutagenesis of Trametes versicolor IBL-04 and Optimization of Process Parameters PDF
Muhammad Ramzan, Muhammad Asgher, Munir A. Sheikh, Haq Nawaz Bhatti 3953-3966
An Optimal Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Densification (THM) Process for Densifying Balsam Fir Wood PDF
Ling Li, Meng Gong, Naxin Yuan, Dagang Li 3967-3981
Analyzing Process Related, In-Plane Mechanical Variation of High Density Fiber Boards (HDF) Across the Feed Direction PDF
Jörn Rathke, Martin Riegler, Martin Weigl, Ulrich Müller, Gerhard Sinn 3982-3993
Microwave Irradiation Pyrolysis of Rice Straw in Ionic Liquid ([Emim]Br) PDF
Shaoling Cheng, Zhimin Zhang, Dongming Zhang, Yu Deng 3994-4003
Complex Formation of PEO and Lignin in Prehydrolysis Liquor and its Enhancing Effect on Lignin Removal PDF
Gang Liu, Haiqiang Shi, Qingwei Ping, Jinghui Zhou, Jian Zhang, Na Li, Meihong Niu, Pedram Fatehi, Huining Xiao, Yonghao Ni 4004-4015
Fermentable Sugars from Lupinus rotundiflorus by Cumulative Pretreatments Using UV Light, Freezing, and Boiling in Alkaline Medium, Followed by Enzymatic Hydrolysis PDF
J. Jesús Vargas-Radillo, Mario A. Ruiz-López, Ramón Rodríguez-Macías, Lucía Barrientos-Ramírez, Ricardo Manríquez-González, Fernando Navarro-Arzate, Eduardo Salcedo-Pérez, Fernando A. López-Dellamary Toral 4016-4028
Influence of Press Pressure on the Properties of Parallel Strand Lumber Glued with Urea Formaldehyde Adhesive PDF
Ramazan Kurt, Kağan Aslan, Vedat Çavuş 4029-4037
The Optical Appearance of Wood Related to Nanoscale Surface Roughness PDF
Markus Hauptmann, Ulrich Müller, Michael Obersriebnig, Wolfgang Gindl-Altmutter, Adrian Beck, Christian Hansmann 4038-4045
Oxidized Fiber from Dissolved Air Flotation Rejects and its Influences on Paper Properties PDF
Yanghong Wang, Xianliang Song 4046-4055
Changes in Content of Furfurals and Phenols in Self-Bonded Laminated Boards PDF
Carmen Cristescu, Olov Karlsson 4056-4071
Optimization of Fermentation Conditions for Laccase Production by Recombinant Pichia pastoris GS115-LCCA Using Response Surface Methodology and Its Application to Dye Decolorization PDF
Qi Li, Jingcong Xie, Linguo Zhao, Qiuxia Xue, Jianjun Pei 4072-4087
Effects of Physical Treatments on the Hydrophobicity of Kenaf Whole Stem Paper Surface Using Stearic Acid PDF
Hazwani Husna Abdullah, Ainun Zuriyati Mohamed Asa'ari, Nurul Izzati Mohd Zawawi, Luqman Chuah Abdullah, Sarani Zakaria 4088-4100
Acoustic Testing and Sorting of Chinese Poplar Logs for Structural LVL Products PDF
Zhi-ru Zhou, Mao-Cheng Zhao, Zheng Wang, Brad Jianhe Wang, Xun Guan 4101-4116
Brightness Reduction of Mechanical Pulp in the Wet End of a Paper Machine: The Effect of Different Ions in the Circulation Water PDF
Pekka Unto Antero Varhimo, Jonas Konn, Marcus Karl-Johan Lillandt, Jouni Tapio Paltakari 4117-4133
Effects of Wollastonite Nanofibers on Biological Durability of Poplar Wood (Populus nigra) against Trametes versicolor PDF
Ali Karimi, Hamid Reza Taghiyari, Akram Fattahi, Samaneh Karimi, Ghanbar Ebrahimi, Asghar Tarmian 4134-4141
High Quality Bio-Oil Production via Catalytic Pyrolysis of Pine Sawdust PDF
Duo Wang, Debin Li, Yunquan Li 4142-4154
Lignin-Based Carbon/CePO4 Nanocomposites: Solvothermal Fabrication, Characterization, Thermal Stability, and Luminescence PDF
Shu-Ming Li, Shao-Long Sun, Ming-Guo Ma, Yan-Yan Dong, Lian-Hua Fu, Run-Cang Sun, Feng Xu 4155-4170
Synthesis and Characterization of Carbon Fibers and their Application in Wood Composites PDF
Tanveer Ahmed Khan, Arun Gupta, Saidatul Shima Jamari, Rajan Jose, Mohammed Nasir, Anuj Kumar 4171-4184
Measurements of Thermal and Dielectric Properties of Medium Density Fiberboard with Different Moisture Contents PDF
Jianhui Zhou, Haibin Zhou, Chuanshuang Hu, Shuofei Hu 4185-4192
Fast Acidogenic Fermentation of Corn Stover Through a Two-Step Method: Nitric Acid Hydrolysis Combined with the Fermentation of Hydrolysate PDF
Rui Zhang, Fengguo Liu, Hanqiao Liu 4193-4207
Decay Resistance of Wood Treated with Extracts of Cinnamomum camphora Xylem PDF
Quan Li, Jin-Guo Lin, Jing Liu 4208-4217
Preparation and Antimicrobial Activity of Rosin-based Carbamate Group-containing Quaternary Ammonium Salt Derivatives PDF
Guifeng Liu, Caifeng Chen, Guomin Wu, Zhenwu Kong 4218-4226
Combined Styrene/MMA/Nanoclay Cross-linker Effect on Wood-Polymer Composites (WPCs) PDF
Md. Rezaur Rahman, Josephine Chang Hui Lai, Sinin Hamdan, Abu Saleh Ahmed, Rubiyah Baini, Shanti Faridah Saleh 4227-4237
Comparative Study on the Effect of Bentonite or Feldspar Filled Low-Density Polyethylene/Thermoplastic Sago Starch/Kenaf Core Fiber Composites PDF
Norshahida Sarifuddin, Hanafi Ismail 4238-4257
Effect of Rice Husk Powder on Compression Behavior and Thermal Stability of Natural Rubber Latex Foam PDF
Shamala Ramasamy, Hanafi Ismail, Yamuna Munusamy 4258-4269
New Ionic Liquid for the Dissolution of Lignin PDF
Amadou Diop, Amel Hadj Bouazza, Claude Daneault, Daniel Montplaisir 4270-4282
Impact of Initial Moisture Content on the Drying Process of Wood Exposed to Infrared Radiation PDF
Erzsébet Cserta, Gergely Hegedűs, Gergely Agócs, Róbert Németh 4283-4287
Homogeneous Esterification of Eucalyptus with Palmitoyl Chloride at Room Temperature PDF
Ai-Ping Zhang, Lian Mei, Zhi-Zeng Zhao, Jun Xie, Chuan-Fu Liu, Run-Cang Sun 4288-4297
Valorization of Wood Resources for the Cutting of Decorative Veneer in the Context of Sustainable Development of Romanian Forests PDF
Adela-Eliza Dumitrascu, Valentina D. Ciobanu, Badea Lepadatescu 4298-4311
Quantitative Difference in the Rates of the β-O-4 Bond Cleavage between Lignin Model Compounds with and without γ-Hydroxymethyl Groups during the Alkaline Pulping Process PDF
Satoko Shimizu, Pattaraporn Posoknistakul, Tomoya Yokoyama, Yuji Matsumoto 4312-4322
Characterization of Physically Activated Acacia mangium Wood-Based Carbon for the Removal of Methyl Orange Dye PDF
Mohammed Danish, Rokiah Hashim, Mohamad Nasir Mohamad Ibrahim, Othman Sulaiman 4323-4339
The Effect of Heat Treatment on the Withdrawal Capacity of Screws in Spruce Wood PDF
Mirko Kariz, Manja Kitek Kuzman, Milan Sernek 4340-4348
Effect of Biological Treatment on Characteristics of Soluble Organic Compounds in Hardwood KP Bleaching Effluent PDF
Lirong Lei, Saiyan Chen, Youming Li 4349-4358
Potential of Elephant Grass for Pulp Production PDF
Fernando José Borges Gomes, Jorge Luiz Colodette, Auphélia Burnet, Larisse Aparecida Ribas Batalha, Bianca Moreira Barbosa 4359-4379
Two-Stage Fractionation of Hardwoods PDF
Mehmet Sefik Tunc, Juben Chheda, Evert van der Heide, Jerry Morris, Adriaan van Heiningen 4380-4395
Selective TEMPO-Mediated Oxidation of Thermomechanical Pulp PDF
Pu Ma, Huamin Zhai 4396-4405
Characterization of Wheat Hull and Wheat Hull Ash as a Potential Source of SiO2 PDF
Pınar Terzioğlu, Sevil Yucel, Taha M. Rabagah, Didem Özçimen 4406-4420
Modification of Bleached Bamboo Fiber using Cationic Guar Gum for Fiberboard PDF
Wenjia Han, Chuanshan Zhao, Qining Sun, Rendang Yang, Dongmei Yu 4421-4428
Effect of High Solids Loading on Bacterial Contamination in Lignocellulosic Ethanol Production PDF
Mofoluwake M. Ishola, Ayda Barid Babapour, Maryam Nadalipour Gavitar, Tomas Brandberg, Mohammad J. Taherzadeh 4429-4439
Properties of High Density Polyethylene – Paulownia Wood Flour Composites via Injection Molding PDF
Brent Tisserat, Louis Reifschneider, Nirmal Joshee, Victoria L. Finkenstadt 4440-4458
Parameters of Strand Alignment Distribution Analysis and Bamboo Strandboard Properties PDF
Ihak Sumardi, Shigehiko Suzuki 4459-4467
Thermally Grafting Aminosilane onto Kenaf-Derived Cellulose and Its Influence on the Thermal Properties of Poly(Lactic Acid) Composites PDF
Yee Bond Tee, Rosnita A. Talib, Khalina Abdan, Nyuk Ling Chin, Roseliza Kadir Basha, Khairul Faezah Md Yunos 4468-4483
Variation of Extractable Compounds and Lignin Contents in Wood Fragments Used in the Aging of Wine Brandies PDF
Ofélia Anjos, Clarisse Carmona, Ilda Caldeira, Sara Canas 4484-4496
Oriented Structural Boards from Split Wheat Straw: Effects of Straw Length, Panel Density, and Resin Content PDF
Wanli Cheng, Guangping Han, Di Fang 4497-4504
Comparison of the Delignifiability and Hydrolysability of Wheat Straw and Corn Stover in Aqueous Ammonia Pretreatment PDF
Lili Jia, Zongping Sun, Xiaoyan Ge, Donglin Xin, Junhua Zhang 4505-4517
Chemical and Rheological Characteristics of Thermally Stable Kraft Lignin Polycondensates Analyzed by Dielectric Properties PDF
Le Dai Duong, Nguyen Dang Luong, Nguyen Thi Thanh Binh, In-Kyung Park, Seong Hoon Lee, Dea Sik Kim, Yong Sang Lee, Young Kwan Lee, Byung Woo Kim, Kwang Ho Kim, Ho Kyu Yoon, Ju Ho Yun, Jae-Do Nam 4518-4532
Effects of Lignin Removal on Substrate Enzymatic Hydrolysis of SPORL-high-pH Pretreated Bagasse PDF
Jing Liu, Xiaolin Luo, Shilin Cao, Lihui Chen, Liulian Huang 4533-4545
Statistical Screening of Factors Affecting Production of Fermentable Sugars from Sugarcane Bagasse under Solid-state Conditions PDF
Chen-Loon Har, Siew-Ling Hii, Chin-Khian Yong, Seok-Peak Siew 4546-4562
Selective Liquefaction of Lignin from Bio-ethanol Production Residue Using Furfuryl Alcohol PDF
Shujun Li, Guowan Guo, Xi Nan, Yanli Ma, Shixue Ren, Shiyan Han 4563-4573
Influence of Chemical Composition of Eucalyptus Wood on Gravimetric Yield and Charcoal Properties PDF
Bárbara Luísa Corradi Pereira, Angélica de Cássia Oliveira Carneiro, Ana Márcia Macedo Ladeira Carvalho, Jorge Luiz Colodette, Aylson Costa Oliveira, Maurício Paulo Ferreira Fontes 4574-4592
Adsorption Behavior of Cr(VI) from Aqueous Solutions by Microwave Modified Porous Larch Tannin Resin PDF
Zhanhua Huang, Bin Zhang, Guizhen Fang 4593-4608
Mg(OH)2-Based Hydrogen Peroxide Bleaching of Deinked Pulp PDF
Na Yun, Beihai He 4609-4618
Effect of Fiber Type and Coupling Treatment on Properties of High-Density Polyethylene/Natural Fiber Composites PDF
Tian Liu, Yong Lei, Qingwen Wang, Sunyoung Lee, Qinglin Wu 4619-4632
Process and Analysis of Electromagnetic Shielding in Composite Fiberboard Laminated with Electroless Nickel-plated Carbon Fiber PDF
Quanping Yuan, Chuwang Su, Jingda Huang, Weixing Gan, Yuanyi Huang 4633-4646
Chestnut Biomass Biodegradation for Sustainable Agriculture PDF
Valeria Ventorino, Rita Parillo, Antonino Testa, Alberto Aliberti, Olimpia Pepe 4647-4658
Low Mole Ratio Urea–Melamine–Formaldehyde Resins Entailing Increased Methylene-Ether Group Contents and Their Formaldehyde Emission Potentials of Wood Composite Boards PDF
An Mao, El Barbary Hassan, Moon G. Kim 4659-4675
Efficient Conversion of Maltose into Sorbitol over Magnetic Catalyst in Extremely Low Acid PDF
Jun Zhang, Jibiao Li, Shubin Wu, Ying Liu 4676-4686
Evaluation of Copper Leaching in Thermally Modified Southern Yellow Pine Wood Impregnated with ACQ-D PDF
Wang Wang, Yuan Zhu, Jinzhen Cao 4687-4701
Experimental Assessment of Hygrothermal Performance of Wood Frame Wall System in Suzhou's Lake Tai Climate Zone PDF
Xiaohuan Wang, Benhua Fei, Jun Ni 4702-4710
Ethanosolv with NaOH Pretreatment of Moso Bamboo for Efficient Enzymatic Saccharification PDF
Zhiqiang Li, Zehui Jiang, Benhua Fei, Xuejun Pan, Zhiyong Cai, Xing'e Liu, Yan Yu 4711-4721
Adsorptive Removal of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solution by Spent Mushroom Substrate: Equilibrium, Kinetics, and Thermodynamics PDF
Tingguo Yan, Lijuan Wang 4722-4734
Variation of Brown Rot Decay in Eastern White Cedar (Thuja occidentalis L.) PDF
Besma Bouslimi, Ahmed Koubaa, Yves Bergeron 4735-4755
Selected Properties of Heat-Treated Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana L.) Wood PDF
Suleyman Korkut, Salim Hiziroglu 4756-4765
Effect of Pretreatment of Raw Material on Properties of Particleboard Panels Made from Wheat Straw PDF
Pavlo Bekhta, Suleyman Korkut, Salim Hiziroglu 4766-4774

Review Articles (Peer Reviewed)

Understanding of Formaldehyde Emissions from Solid Wood: An Overview PDF
Mohamed Zidan Mohamed Salem, Martin Böhm 4775-4790

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