Vol 14, No 1 (2019)

Table of Contents

Editorials (Opinion Pieces)

BioResources to Serve as Host for Fundamental Research Symposia Archives PDF
Martin A. Hubbe 1-2
Bamboo as an Emerging Resource for Worldwide Pulping and Papermaking PDF
Zicheng Chen, Huiwen Zhang, Zhibin He, Lanhe Zhang, Xiaopeng Yue 3-5

Research Articles (Peer Reviewed)

Forest Residues as a Renewable Source of Energy: Elemental Composition and Physical Properties PDF
Tomasz Nurek, Arkaduisz Gendek, Kamil Roman 6-20
Xylitol Production from Prehydrolysis Liquor of Kraft-based Dissolving Pulp by Candida tropicalis PDF
Shanshan Liu, Huili He, Xin Fu, Tianzhong Yuan, Qiang Wang, Guihua Yang, Hui Zhang, Mingqi Ding, Changlyu Liao 21-30
Polyurethane Foams from Liquefied Eucalyptus globulus Branches PDF
Idalina J. Domingos, Ana P. Fernandes, José Ferreira, Luísa Cruz-Lopes, Bruno M. Esteves 31-43
Comparative Study of the Performance of Acetylated Bamboo with Different Catalysts PDF
Saisai Huang, Zhongqing Ma, Yujing Nie, Fengzhu Lu, Lingfei Ma 44-58
Effects of Pretreatment on the Soil Aging Behavior of Rice Husk Fibers/Polyvinyl Chloride Composites PDF
Lei Wang, Chunxia He, Xingxing Yang 59-69
Effects of Crosslinking Degree on the Coating Properties of Arabinoxylan PDF
Zhenhua Hu, Zhouyang Xiang, Tao Song, Fachuang Lu 70-86
Facile Synthesis of Mesoporous Silica Aerogels from Rice Straw Ash-based Biosilica via Freeze-drying PDF
Rui Yang, Xiaoyu Wang, Yang Zhang, Haiyan Mao, Ping Lan, Dingguo Zhou 87-98
The Effect of Mechano-enzymatic Treatment on the Characteristics of Cellulose Nanofiber Obtained from Kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.) Bark PDF
Koranat Narkpiban, Chularat Sakdaronnarong, Thidarat Nimchua, Phitsanu Pinmanee, Paweena Thongkred, Thitivara Poonsawat 99-119
Potential Use of Textile Dust in the Middle Layer of Three-layered Particleboards as an Eco-friendly Solution PDF
Gökay Nemli, Zehra Odabas Serin, Ferhat Özdemir, Nadir Ayrılmış 120-127
Water-jet Assisted Nanosecond Laser Microcutting of Northeast China Ash Wood: Experimental Study PDF
Chunmei Yang, Ting Jiang, Yueqiang Yu, Yan Bai, Mingliang Song, Qian Miao, Yan Ma, Jiuqing Liu 128-138
Enhanced Amount and Quality of Alginate-like Exopolysaccharides in Aerobic Granular Sludge for the Treatment of Salty Wastewater PDF
Fansheng Meng, Dongfang Liu, Yuwei Pan, Limeng Xi, Dan Yang, Wenli Huang 139-165
Load-carrying Capacity of Self-tapping Lag Screws for Glulam-lightweight Concrete Composite Beams PDF
Hao Du, Xiamin Hu, Yuchen Jiang, Chenyu Wei, Wan Hong 166-179
Effects of Different Advanced Engineering Materials on Deformation Behaviour of Wood Structural Materials PDF
Timucin Bardak 180-192
Effect of Alkaline Peroxide Treatment on the Chemical Compositions and Characteristics of Lignocellulosic Nanofibrils PDF
Pureun-Narae Seo, Song-Yi Han, Chan-Woo Park, Sun-Young Lee, Nam-Hun Kim, Seung-Hwan Lee 193-206
Time of Exposure at 60 °C Service Temperature: Influence on Strength and Modulus of Elasticity in Compression Parallel to the Grain of Hardwood Species PDF
Tiago Hendrigo de Almeida, Diego Henrique de Almeida, Felipe N. Arroyo, Victor Almeida De Araújo, Eduardo Chahud, Luiz Antonio Melgaço Nunes Branco, Roberto Vasconcelos Pinheiro, André Luis Christoforo, Francisco Antonio Rocco Lahr 207-219
Drying Influence on the Development of Cracks in Eucalyptus Logs PDF
Thiago Magalhães do Nascimento, Thiago Campos Monteiro, Edy Eime Pereira Baraúna, Jordão Cabral Moulin, Alcinei Mistico Azevedo 220-233
Preparation and Characterization of Camellia oleifera Nut Shell-based Bioadsorbent and its Application for Heavy Metals Removal PDF
Yanxin Liu, Xiangzhou Li, Yulong wang, Jun Zhou, Wanting He 234-250
Influence of the Hemicellulose Content on the Fiber Properties, Strength, and Formability of Handsheets PDF
Jaakko Pere, Elina Pääkkönen, Yun Ji, Elias Antero Retulainen 251-263
Performances of White Pine and White Spruce Treated with Organic Fungicides Using an Aqueous Buffered Amine Oxide Preservation System PDF
Simon Pepin, Pierre Blanchet, Véronic Landry 264-288
Effects of Magnesium Impregnation on Stability and Sorption Performance of Biochar Derived from Sawdust and Corn Husks PDF
Zhao Xu, Ting Chen, Zhuhong Ding, Xin Hu, Guangze Nie 289-301
Chemical Modification of Starch Microcrystals and their Application as an Adsorbent for Metals in Aqueous Solutions PDF
Qijie Chen, Xueming Zheng, Liling Zhou, Meicun Kang 302-312

Review Articles (Peer Reviewed)

The Use of Chemical and Biological Agents in the Recovery of Heavy Metals from Treated Woods – A Brief Review PDF
Dercilio Junior Verly Lopes, Elizabeth C. Stokes, Gabrielly dos Santos Bobadilha
Lignin Recovery from Spent Alkaline Pulping Liquors Using Acidification, Membrane Separation, and Related Processing Steps: A Review PDF
Martin A. Hubbe, Raimo Alén, Michael Paleologou, Miyuru Kannangara, Jonas Kihlman

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