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Belleville, Benoit, University of Melbourne
Bello-Pérez, Luis Arturo, Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN)
Belosinschi, Dan
Belosinschi, Dan, Lignocellulosic Materials Research Centre (CRML), Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, C.P. 500 Trois-Rivières, QC G9A5H7 Canada
Belous, Olga
Beltrán-Arredondo, Laura Ivonne, Instituto Politécnico Nacional - CIIDIR Unidad Sinaloa
Ben Daly, Hachmi
Ben Marzoug, Imed Ben Ali
Ben Marzoug, Imed
Benaducci, Daiane
Benazir, Jahangir Ali Fathima
Bendikiene, Regita, Kaunas University of Technoly, Studentu Str 56, Kaunas, Lithuania
Benedeková, Martina, Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
Beneventi, Davide
Beneventi, Davide
Beng Hoong, Yeoh
Bengoechea, Dora I.
Benini, Kelly Cristina C. Carvalho, Unesp
Benjelloun-Mlayah, Bouchra, Compagnie Industrielle de la Matière Végétale (CIMV), 109, Rue Jean Bart, Diapason A – 31670 Labège
Benjelloun-Mlayah, Bouchra, Compagnie Industrielle de la Matière Végétale (CIMV) 109 rue Jean Bart Diapason A 31670 LABEGE
Bennehalli, Basavaraju
Benoechea, Dora I
Bensah, Edem Cudjoe, Kumasi Polytechnic; Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
Bensalem, Ridha
Benthien, Jan T., Thünen Institute of Wood Research, 21031 Hamburg, Germany

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