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Colodette, Jorge Luiz
Colodette, Jorge Luiz, Federal University of Viçosa
Colodette, Jorge Luiz, Federal University of Vicosa, UFV
Colodette, Jorge Luiz, Pulp and Paper Laboratory, Department of Forestry Engineering, Federal University of Viçosa, UFV
Colson, Gary W.
Colson, Jérôme, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna Department of Materials Sciences and Process Engineering Institute of Wood Technology and Renewable Materials Konrad-Lorenz-Straße 24 3430 Tulln, Austria
Coltelli, Maria-Beatrice, University of Pisa
Coman, Gigi
Comite, Ernesto, Department of Agricultural Sciences, Division of Microbiology, University of Naples Federico II, Via Università 100, 80055, Portici, Naples, Italy
Conde, Emma, Chemical Engineering Department, University of Vigo
Conde, Marta
Conesa, Claudia, Universitat Politècnica de València
Conner, Deborah, USDA Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory
Contreras, David, Universidad de Concepción
Contreras-Hernández, Maria Gorety, Tecnológico Nacional de México-Instituto Tecnológico de Durango, Blvd. Felipe Pescador 1830 Ote., Col. Nueva Vizcaya, 34080, Durango, Dgo., México.
Cooke, Peter
Cooper, Jerome
Cooper, Paul, University of Toronto
Cooper, Paul, University of Toronto (Canada)
Cormier, Lyne M., FPInnovations, Pulp, Paper & Bioproducts, 570 boul. Saint-Jean, Pointe-Claire, Québec, H9R 3J9, Canada
Cornaglia, Laura María
Cornelius, Carrie, North Carolina State University
Corona Vázquez, Brenda, Centro Conjunto de Investigación en Química Sustentable, Facultad de Química, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, Toluca-Atlacomulco Km. 14.5, Toluca, Estado de México, 50200, México
Coronado, Carlos J., Ohio State University
Corradini, Elisangela

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