Identifying Organizational Distinctive Competence by Business Mapping in a Global Textile Complex

Rudrajeet Pal


The three-dimensional perspective along product, process, and supply chain, of any organization is essential for providing a holistic perspective for business portfolio mapping. Relating organizational business success, in terms of economic performance, for any company in the Global Textile Complex, according to their distinctive competencies – innovation and/or specialization is critical to understand the routine/pathway to be followed by building the fundamental blocks of 3-DCE for driving success. The paper develops a matrix for business competency mapping to streamline the organizations according to their pattern of distinctive competence deconstructed along the 3-DCE domain. 18 of the 25 surveyed companies recording a profit build-up in the last 5 years, had their success deconstructed along different combinations of product, process and supply chain attributes. It is argued that innovation and/or specialization are the routines to be successful, analysed subsequently through developed statistical models. Any firm not adjudged to be innovator and/or specialist in some respect cannot be successful long term. This is critical in identifying myriad of distinctive organizational competencies and success factors for all business architectures and deduce success pattern in it. A failure to do so can essentially lead firms running out of long term success as the remaining 7 respondent firms reflected.The research seems to be exemplary to identify and relate firm strategies to their critical success factors and devise solutions for the future.

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