Effect of Laundering on Dynamic Elastic Behavior of Cotton and Cotton/Spandex Knitted Fabrics

Mani Senthilkumar, N. Anbumani


Elastic fabrics are mostly used for tight fit sportswear manufacturing because of easy body movement and quick energy recovery. These garments are normally used for short duration sports activities wherever the person requires unrestricted energy and power. Analysis of laundering effect on the functional activities of the fabrics or garments is necessary because all the elastic garments are not the use and throw products. Assessment of dynamic work recovery (DWR) and stress value for applied extension is necessary to study the energy loss or power gain by the sports person wearing the elastic garment. The present study is to analyse the effect of laundering on dynamic elastic behaviour of the cotton and cotton / spandex fabrics. The laundering cycles such as no wash, first wash, second wash, fifth wash, tenth wash and twentieth wash were selected and the laundering effect was studied by comparing cotton / spandex knitted fabric with 100 % cotton fabric. It is concluded that the laundering effect doesn’t influence the DWR and stress values at specific extension of the cotton and cotton / spandex knitted fabrics. This study will help to improve the laundering performance of the elastic fabrics.

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