Extraction of a Natural Dye from Sesbania aculeata Plant

Charu Swami, Sangita Saini, V. B. Gupta


The focus on environmental concerns is increasingly causing the textile industry to explore natural sources of dyes as opposed to synthetic dyes. As a representative effort in this direction, the current paper describes the process of dyeing silk and cotton-polyester blend with the aqueous extract of Sesbania aculeata plant. This plant is a green manure plant with several traditional applications. Shade cards were prepared and evaluations were made on the basis of two fabrics dyed, five mordants and three different mordanting techniques applied. Fastness properties of the dyed fabrics were tested. For colour measurements K/S values and CIE L*a*b* values were calculated.

Keywords: Natural dyeing, Sesbania aculeata, aqueous extraction, silk, polyester-cotton

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