Performance of terry towel-a critical review.Part I: water absorbency

J.P. Singh


There is nothing wrong in saying that water absorbency is a synonym for terry fabric as it may not existed without this property. So, this paper intended to collect, critically analyse, rearrange and present the scattered information scientifically and to provide a single source of all information. In this paper, a critical review of the evolved theories and mechanisms of water absorption in terry fabric has been presented along with the key factors to improve the water absorption. Randomly scattered information throughout the current as well as last century, has been collected, analysed and concluded judicially. Critical analysis of all the information helps to understand and choose the most realistic theory and mechanism of water absorption of terry fabric which will be helpful in designing the most absorbent terry fabric.An attempt has also been made to conclude findings of the researches that have been directed towards understanding the effect of washing, dyeing and finishing treatment on water absorbency of terry fabric. Both dynamic and static water absorbency along with the initial time lag immerses to be the equally important attributes of the water absorbency performance of terry fabrics. High loop shape factor is the key to improve the absorbency behaviour of the terry fabric. This article provides a collective source of information to understand the philosophy of absorbency and the ways to develop highly absorbent terry fabric. This is the first review article providing a comprehensive source of information regarding all aspect of water absorbency behaviour. Study of cross-section images of different fabric is the original work of the authors for supporting the concluding theory, mechanism and results.

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