Evaluating study of Ultrafast Laser-assisted Cleaning of Historical Textiles Conservation

Harby Ezzeldeen Ahmed, Amal A. El-Ebissy, Martin Richardson


Museums contain a high number of historical textiles were made from silk dyed fabric that decorated with metallic threads. Pulsed laser radiation was used in order to remove dirt, corrosion and small particles from a substrate in different historical objects such as textiles. this study presents the experimental results on laser irradiation of silk dyed with natural dyes using ultrafast laser radiation (pulse duration <100 fs) with different pulse energies, in order to evaluate and to better understand the effect of laser interaction on historical textiles. Silk fabric has been prepared and dyed with natural dyes to be similar to the Egyptian Historical textiles. The resulting surface morphology was studied by using SEM and optical microscopy. In addition, color parameters (CIE Lab) and chemical properties of irradiated samples were studied for silk dyed with safflower or cochineal dyes, and alum, CuSO4 or ferric citrate mordants. Furthermore, determination of samples thickness and degree of crystallinity were performed before and after laser irradiation.

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