Product Attributes and Retail Format Choice among U.S. Apparel Purchasers

Jason M. Carpenter, Marguerite Moore


Due to the wide variety of retail formats in which apparel is sold, apparel retailers in the U.S. face unprecedented competitive pressure. The purpose of this study is to identify the linkage between product attributes sought by apparel purchasers and their ultimate choice of retail format. Binary logistic regression is used to analyze the importance of five categories of product attributes including price attributes, physical attributes, usage attributes, brand attributes and fashion attributes among apparel shoppers within seven distinct retail formats (N = 2,875). Results indicate distinctive linkages between product attributes related to price, physical product attributes, brand attributes, usage attributes, and fashion attributes and the ultimate retail format choice for apparel. Unique groups of predictors emerge as drivers of format choice, which provides distinct profiles of each store format in terms of attributes sought by purchasers.

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