The Importance of Apparel Attributes among Young Mexican-American Female Consumers

Elizabeth Newcomb Hopfer, Cynthia Istook


This study investigated the importance of apparel attributes among 18-25 year old Mexican-American females and assessed the impact of garment type on attribute importance. An internet-based questionnaire was used to collect 206 responses largely from college and university students. The sample was controlled in terms of age, subculture, gender, and geography to limit any influence from these factors. The survey measured the importance of 20 intrinsic and extrinsic apparel attributes in the purchases of casual pants, tops, skirts, and dresses. Mean ratings provided an indication of overall attribute importance while repeated measures ANOVA was used to determine the impact of garment type on importance. Results showed that the vast majority of attributes are very important in apparel purchases, with intrinsic attributes rated higher overall than extrinsic attributes. Attribute importance varied by garment type most significantly in the purchases of pants and dresses, suggesting that consumers have unique purchase processes and expectations based on garment type. This study contributes to a greater understanding of the behavior of one of the fastest growing U.S. consumer groups. Findings can be used to guide targeted product development for this market and future apparel consumer research.

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