Engineered Digital Textile Print Design for Customized Curves

Kisalaya Choudhary


There are various instances when women feel the need to wear clothes which make her look slimmer than her actual body appearance. Looks and body appearance provide self-assurance to people specially to those who are in business related to the physical appearances. Physical fitness and appearance has taken a parallel path in today’s world. Many designers have experimented on garments providing body shape deceiving and illusionistic effect through use of solid colors, curve shape highlights through pattern making and even illusion print designs for specific clients. This research paper explores how smart edits in print design provide the aesthetics blended with illusionistic engineered slim looks, enhancing and customizing curves for consumer needs to visual body size adjustment. The creative edits can be efficiently used for creating one piece garments customizing the curves and outer body shapes in synchronization with digital print design to enhance the body in a considerate manner.

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