Vol 6, No 1 (2009)

Table of Contents

Issue Cover Editorial

Navigating a Strategic Course - Innovation, Network Orchestration and Marketing! Editorial Page
Nancy L Cassill

Scholarly Articles

Smart Underwear for Diabetic Patients full article
Hosun Lim
Overview and Analysis of the Meltblown Process and Parameters Full Article
Kathryn C Dutton
Optimizing Ring Spinning Variables and a Proposed Procedure to Determine the Egyptian Cotton Spinning Potential Full Article
mohamed Abdel-Rahman El-Sayed
An Investigation into the Properties of Knitted Fabrics made from Viscose Microfibers FULL ARTICLE
G Ramakrishnan, Bhaarathi Dhurai, Samrat Mukhopadhyay
Working Hours and Stress in Different Satisfaction Situations: A Study of 180 Merchandising Staff in Hong Kong Full Article
Wen Ling Xiao, Wing Wai Liu, Wing Sun Liu

Peer Reviewed Article

Consumer Demographics, Retail Attributes and Cross-Shopping Behavior full article
Jason M. Carpenter, Marguerite Moore
Characterization of biobleaching of Cotton/Linen Fabrics Full Article
Abdelrehim A Ramadan
Sonicator Dyeing of Cotton,Wool and Silk with the Leaves Extract Full Article
Padma S. Vankar
Effect of Different Pretreatment on Various Properties of Undyed and Dyed Jute Fabrics Full Article
Zakaria Ahmed
Engineering of Tearing Strength for Pile fabrics Full Article
Nabiha Kotb
Dyeing Cotton, Silk and Wool yarn with extract of Garcinia mangostana pericarp Full Article
Padma S. Vankar
Causticizing of Viscose Fabrics full article
Muhammed Ibrahim Bahtiyari, Kerim Duran, Aysegul Ekmekci Körlü, Mustafa Bahar, Arzu Ozerdem, Seher Perincek
Advanced Mass Customization in Apparel full article
Hosun Lim, Cynthia L. Istook, Nancy L. Cassill
Utilization of Temple waste flower -Tagetus erecta for Dyeing of Cotton, Wool and Silk on Industrial scale full article
Padma S. Vankar

ISSN: 1533-0915