Vol 6, No 3 (2010)

The Sustainability Age Takes Shape

Table of Contents

Issue Cover Editorial

The Sustainability Age Takes Shape Editorial Page
Trevor J Little

Scholarly Articles

A Review of Spunbond Process PDF
HoSun Lim
A New Methd of Investigating the Structure by Weight Loss of Polyester Fibers PDF
Muthukrishnan Dhinakaran, B.S Dasaradan, V Subramaniam

Peer Reviewed Article

Multi-objective Scheduling of Flow-Shop Problems in Finishing Factory Using Genetic Algorithms PDF
Bessem Kordoghli
Scheduling Optimization in a Cloth Manufacturing Factory Using Genetic Algorithm with Fuzzy Logic for Multi-Objective Decisions PDF
Bessem Kordoghli, Seifeddine Saadallah, Mohamed Jmali
Comfort Comparison of Ballistic Vest Panels for Police Officers PDF
Jessica Barker, Catherine Black, Rinn Cloud
Sustainable Textiles: the Role of Bamboo and a Comparison of Bamboo Textile Properties-Part 2 PDF
Marilyn Waite
Sewing Performance of Stretch Denim PDF
Rajkishore Nayak, Rajiv Padhye, Debi Prasad Gon
Country of Origin and Consumer's Willingness to Purchase an Apparel PDF
Emine Ercan
Enzymatic Removal of the Oily Dirt from a Coptic Tunic using the Enzyme Lipase PDF
Harby Ezzeldeen Ahmed, Stavros S Gremos, Fragiskos N Kolisis
Decolorization of High Polluted Textile Wastewater by Indirect Electrochemical Oxidation Process PDF
Wafa Miled, A. Haj Said, S. Roudesli
Identification of Dyestuffs in a Rare Coptic Garment Using High Performance Liquid Chromatography with Photodiode Array Detection (HPLC-PDA) PDF
Omar Mohamed Abdel-Kareem
Suitability of Compact Yarn for Manufacturing of Eco-friendly Processed Weft Knitted Fabrics PDF
Manonmani G, Vigneswaran Chettiar, Ramachandran T

ISSN: 1533-0915