Vol 7, No 4 (2012)

Design of Braids, Pattern Generation for Fit, Nano Finish Denims, Spandex Knits, Conductive Fabrics, New Natural Dye, Photo-degradation and Moisture Transport

Table of Contents

Scholarly Articles

Variables and Methods for Aesthetic Braid Design PDF
Amanda Margaret Bicking, William Oxenham
Photodegradation of the Holly Kaaba Cover Fabric by the Environmental Conditions in Mekka PDF
Khaled Ebrahim Elnagar, Ferial Mahmoud Tera
Sulfur Dyeing With Non-Sulfide Reducing Agents PDF
Amit Madhu

Peer Reviewed Article

Automatic Pattern Generation Process for Made-to-Measure PDF
Hosun Lim, Cynthia L. Istook
Fit of Sari Blouse: Influencing Parameters and Assessment PDF
Nirmala Varghese, G. Thilagavathi
Effect of Laundering on Dynamic Elastic Behavior of Cotton and Cotton/Spandex Knitted Fabrics PDF
Mani Senthilkumar, N. Anbumani
Surface Resistivity and EMI Shielding Effectiveness of Polyaniline Coated Polyester Fabric PDF
N. Muthukumar, G. Thilagavathi Govindarajan
Extraction of a Natural Dye from Sesbania aculeata Plant PDF
Charu Swami, Sangita Saini, V. B. Gupta
An Experimental Study on the Multi-functional Efficacy of Nano TiO2 Treated Denim Fabrics PDF
D. Vijayalakshmi, R. Rathinamoorthy, T. Ramachandran
Effect of Spandex Input Tension, Spandex Linear Density and Cotton Yarn Loop Length on Dynamic Elastic Behavior of Cotton/Spandex Knitted Fabrics PDF
Mani Senthilkumar
Investigations on Moisture Transmission Characteristics of Blended Single Jersey Fabrics PDF
Tara Punna, S. Amsamani

ISSN: 1533-0915