Vol 9, No 2 (2015)

Sports Textiles, Wearing Behavior of Apparel, Cambodian Apparel Manufacturing, Photo-stability, Anti-Odor/UV-Protection, Banana and Jute Fibers, Chitosan Nanofibers, Cotton-Elastane Knits, Archaeological Textiles, Market Forecasting: Glass Fibers, Composites, Athletic Footwear, US/Global Apparel Imports/Exports and Market Shifts

Table of Contents

Peer Reviewed Article

How do You Deal with External Uncertainties? Case Studies of a Cambodian Apparel Manufacturer and a U.S. Apparel Import Intermediary PDF
Stacy Hyun-Nam Lee, Jung Ha-Brookshire
Improving Photostability of Thermochromic Colorants with Ultraviolet Absorbers and Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers PDF
Muksit Ahamed Chowdhury, B. S. Butola, Mongala Joshi
Evaluating study of Ultrafast Laser-assisted Cleaning of Historical Textiles Conservation PDF
Harby Ezzeldeen Ahmed, Amal A. El-Ebissy, Martin Richardson
A New Technique for Reactive Dye Uptake by Jute Fabrics and their Physico-mechanical Properties PDF
Sharfun Nahar Arju, Afsar Mohammad Ali, Mubarak Ahmed Khan, Dipak Kanti Das
Law Enforcement Officers’ High-Visibility Safety Apparel: The Effect of Their Attitudes on Wearing Behavior PDF
So Young Song, Youn-Kyung Kim
A Study of Anti-odor and UV-protection Behavior on Silk and its Polyester / Lyocell Mixed Fabric PDF
J. Moses Jeyakodi, A. Mariappan, K. Vellingiri
Electrospun Carboxymethyl Chitosan Nanofibers for Antibacterial Activity for Wound Healing PDF
Hassan Mohamed Ibrahim, Amira Dakrory, Anke Klingner, Ahmed El-Masry

Scholarly Articles

Modelling Heat-Setting of Cotton/Elastane Knitted Fabrics for Optimum Dimensional Stability PDF
Ahsan Nazir, Tanveer Hussain, Aisha Rehman, Affan Abid
Selective Utility Characteristics of Knitted fabrics for Sports Application PDF
P. Kanakaraj, R. Ramachandran
Banana Fiber: Scope and Value Added Product Development PDF
C. Vigneswaran, V. Pavithra, V. Gayathri, K. Mythili

Graduate Research Articles

Market Forecasting of Super Strength Fiber: Glass Fiber PDF
Sibei Xia
A Forecast of Global Textile and Apparel Market Shifts In Importing and Exporting - Is this the Final Death Rattle of Domestic Apparel and Textile Manufacturing Industries? PDF
Jacqueline E. Burris
Predictive Modeling of Athletic Footwear Sales using Trend Analysis PDF
Anuradha Gupta
Forecasting on Composites – Markets, Products, and Demands PDF
Elizabeth C. Claunch
Forecasting of U.S. Total Textiles and Apparel Export to the World in Next 10 Years (2015-2025) PDF
Jinzhao Lu

ISSN: 1533-0915