Improvements in the Physical Properties and Decay Resistance of Bamboo Materials via Modification with Boric Acid and Borax


  • Tiesheng Liu Hunan City University


Bamboo, Boric acid, Borax, Physical properties, Mechanical properties, Decay resistance


As a renewable biomaterial, bamboo has been widely used in construction and indoor decoration. While the application of bamboo is limited by its low decay resistance and flame retardancy, the combination of modification with boric acid and borax has been found to be effective for improving bamboo flame retardant. In this study, the decay resistance, mechanical properties, and physical properties of bamboo, both before and after treated being with boric acid and borax (in a 1 to 2 ratio), were analyzed to better utilize the modification solution for bamboo. The results showed that in comparison to the untreated bamboo, the treated bamboo had a strong decay resistance, i.e., greater than 80% resistance effectiveness improvement. In addition, the decay resistance and compression strength of the samples showed a considerable increase, i.e., 21%, after the modification. However, the physical properties e.g., the weight gain, equilibrium moisture content, and dimensional stability and bending properties of the bamboo were less affected by the modification method, which could be improved via the combination with another chemical modification agent.






Research Article or Brief Communication