Stress Relaxation Characteristics of Crushed Cane Tail Straw


  • Junle Lei Guilin University of Technology
  • Dingyuan Lei Guilin University of Technology
  • Shuaiwei Wang Guilin University of Technology
  • Zhaochong Liu Guilin University of Technology


Crushed cane tail, Stress relaxation, Generalized Maxwell model, Equilibrium elastic modulus, Rapid stress decay time


To gain insight into the mechanical properties of crushed sugarcane tail leaves during stress relaxation, a self-made compression equipment was used in this study. The variation law of different factors on the stress relaxation process of crushed cane tail was explored and a stress relaxation model was established. The three-element and five-element generalized Maxwell models were selected to fit the regression analysis of the stress relaxation curve of the crushed cane tail. The comparison showed that the determination coefficient R2 of the five-element stress relaxation model was higher, and a three-factor and three-level response surface test was designed. Following the quadratic regression polynomial of the stress rapid decay time and the equilibrium elastic modulus, the final optimization results obtained are as follows: The moisture content was 60.8%, the crushing particle size was 45 mm, the feeding amount was 150 g, and the stress rapid decay time was 14.0 s. The equilibrium elastic modulus was 129 kPa.






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