Research Progress on Dynamic Testing Methods of Wood Shear Modulus: A Review


  • Zheng Wang Nanjing Forestry University
  • Dong Zhang Nanjing Forestry University
  • Zhiheng Wang University of Southern California
  • Xingyu Liang Nanjing Forestry University
  • Xiaojun Yang Nanjing Forestry University
  • Jun Wang Nanjing Forestry University


Wood, Wood composite materials, Shear modulus, Dynamic test, Applicability, Test accuracy, Research progress


Wood is a non-homogeneous and orthotropic natural polymer material. It is important to test the wood shear modulus and elastic constants accurately and reliably using dynamic methods. Based on the introduction of the advantages of six common methods for dynamic testing of wood shear modulus, such as free plate torsional mode method, free bar torsional vibration method, and Timoshenko beam iterative method, issues associated with the applicability and accuracy of these methods are also pointed out. Recent methods, such as the free square plate torsional mode method and the square plate static torsional strain method, that were developed to dynamically test the shear modulus of wood and wood composite materials, are presented as effective ways to tackle these issues. These new approaches are expected to provide beneficial technical support for using small specimens, overcoming the size effect of specimens, simplifying the testing procedures, improving the test accuracy, and expanding the application range in the dynamic testing of wood shear modulus. These approaches have practical significance in promoting the industrialization and development of structural engineering, furniture and interior decoration, transportation, military, and musical instrument industries.



2022-11-18 — Updated on 2023-01-31



Scholarly Review