Comparative Analysis of the Laccase Secretion Ability of Five White-rot Fungi in Submerged Fermentation with Lignocellulosic Biomass


  • Mei-Ling Han Langfang Normal University
  • Lin Lin Langfang Normal University
  • Xiao-Xiao Guo Langfang Normal University
  • Min An Langfang Normal University
  • Ying-Jie Geng Langfang Normal University
  • Chang Xin Langfang Normal University
  • Lin-Chan Ma Langfang Normal University
  • Qi Mi Langfang Normal University
  • An-Qi Ping Langfang Normal University
  • Qi-Yue Yang Langfang Normal University
  • Tian-Xin Zhang Langfang Normal University
  • Qi An Langfang Normal University


White-rot fungi, Single lignocellulosic biomass, Mixture lignocellulosic biomass, Laccase activity, Substrate selectivity


Lignocellulosic biomass is widely used in the field of laccase production because it has the advantages of low price and easy availability. Thus, a comparative analysis was performed of the laccase secretion ability of five white-rot fungi in submerged fermentation using single or mixtures of lignocellulosic biomass. Maximum laccase activity of Trametes gibbosa An 360, Vanderbylia fraxinea An 369, Perenniporia pyricola Han 202, Coriolopsis trogii Han 474, and Trametes versicolor Han 1504 was 55.83 ± 0.28 U/L on the mixture of corncob and cottonseed hull, 77.96 ± 1.60 U/L on corncob, 443.33 ± 15.49 U/L on corncob, 686.57 ± 16.49 U/L on corncob, and 162.04 ± 11.33 U/L on cottonseed hull. The mixed lignocellulosic material effectively improved the laccase activity of T. gibbosa An 360 compared with other fungal strains. However, the presence of corncob contributed to the secretion of laccase activity for V. fraxinea An 369, P. pyricola Han 202, and C. trogii Han 474. Meanwhile, cottonseed hull was conducive to the secretion of laccase of T. versicolor Han 1504. Laccase activity of P. pyricola Han 202 was very stable throughout most of the fermentation time. The results from this study provide new methods and increase fungal strains to improve laccase activity.






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