Bearing Capacity of L-shaped Latticed Joints Connected by Welding of Screw-fitted Dowels


  • Xudong Zhu Yangzhou University
  • Yingying Xue Yangzhou Polytechnic Institute
  • Pengfei Qi Yangzhou Polytechnic Institute
  • Qian Lan Yangzhou Polytechnic Institute
  • Liang Qian Yangzhou Polytechnic Institute
  • Jie Shen Yangzhou Polytechnic Institute
  • Ying Gao Beijing Forestry University
  • Jiajia Li Yangzhou Polytechnic Institute
  • Changtong Mei Nanjing Forestry University
  • Shengcai Li Yangzhou University


Bearing capacity, L-shaped latticed joint, Composite dowel welding


Three kinds of L-shaped latticed joint were designed to study the shear bearing capacity of joints prepared by welding of wooden dowels prepared with self-tapping screws. The results showed that such composite dowels in all specimens showed varying degrees of bending and splitting on the surface of the beech dowel after the shear test. The bending bearing capacity of the joint was the bending moment at the geometric center of the four composite dowels. The shear force of each composite dowel generated from the bending moment was equal with the same direction. The ultimate standard value of the theoretical loading force (F) was equal to 4.44 kN and the calculated design value (Fd) was equal to 2.96 kN. The errors between the standard and design value and test value of 3.94 kN were 11.2% and 24.9%, respectively. The theoretical value was relatively consistent with the test value. If the calculated design value was applied to estimate the ultimate bearing capacity of the joint, it was on the conservative side.






Research Article or Brief Communication