Bamboo Fiber-based Insulating Paper: A Potential Choice towards Greener Power and Paper Industries


  • Shunxi Song Shaanxi University of Science & Technology
  • Qianyu Wang Shaanxi University of Science & Technology
  • Meiyun Zhang Shaanxi University of Science & Technology


Insulation paper, Bamboo fiber, Carbon sequestration, Carbon neutrality


Insulating paper is the key material utilized in ultra-high voltage (UHV) projects, and it affects the safe and stable operation of the whole power system. Cellulose fiber-based insulating paper, having the advantages of low price and environmental friendliness, has been widely used as the preferred insulating material for certain transformers. Bamboo, as a fast-growing raw material, has a favorable fiber length and its carbon sequestration is better than that of wood. Bamboo can be potentially used as a new raw material for insulating paper, thus promoting the green development of the power and paper industry. This article mainly discusses the challenges and potentials of bamboo fiber-based insulating paper and the opportunities of bamboo fiber-based paper materials.






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