Flexible Functional Composites for Athlete Health and Performance and Auxiliary Training Applications


  • Zhi-Kai Zuo Southwest Forestry University
  • Zheng Xu Kunming Medical University
  • Guo-Yan Diao Southwest Forestry University
  • Ming Li Yunnan Sports Vocational and Technical College
  • Ming-Guo Ma Beijing Forestry University
  • Zheng-Jun Shi Southwest Forestry University


Composites, Graphene, MXene, Polymer, Health monitoring


Flexible functional composites have great potential for a variety of applications in the fields of athlete health monitoring and auxiliary training. There are a few recent reports on various functional composites such as graphene-based composites, MXene-based composites, and polymer-based composites, etc. However, the applications of flexible functional composites for athlete health monitoring and auxiliary training have yet to be widely reviewed. This mini-review summarizes these three types of functional composites for the applications of athlete health monitoring and auxiliary training. The synthetic methods, structures, and properties of functional composites are reviewed via some typical examples. The authors focus on the properties of functional composites as sensors for health-monitoring. Moreover, future development directions are suggested based on the authors’ knowledge. This review article demonstrates that these flexible functional composites can display excellent properties and promising potential for applications in athlete health monitoring and auxiliary training.



2023-01-09 — Updated on 2023-01-31



Scholarly Review