Paper Industry's Strategy for Sustainable Growth


  • Sungmin Cho Hansol Paper, 24th Fl., B-Pine Avenue Bldg., Eulji Street 100, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


Sustainability, Eco-friendliness, Paper industry strategies, Sustainable packaging, Wood chemistry, Nanocellulose, Lignin, Plastic problem


While paper as a medium of information is declining in demand, paper as a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging is gaining interest. In light of these changes, the paper industry is seeking new growth by developing highly-functional paper material that can replace plastics. To this end, the industry needs to develop paper with high-barrier and strength properties, as well as technologies that can improve recyclability of such material. Beyond paper, the industry is also developing novel wood-based chemicals that can replace traditional fossil-fuel derivatives. For these to become commercially viable, the industry needs to focus on achieving cost-competitiveness. Finally to reinforce these two initiatives, the government needs to engage in active dialogues with the industry leaders and provide related R&D support.






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