Library Books: Aging and Preservation


  • Haiyan Huo Department of Library Services, College of Materials Science and Engineering & Key Laboratory of Biobased Materials Science and Engineering of Ministry of Education, Northeast Forestry University, Harbin 150040, China


Library books, Aging, Preservation, Troubleshooting strategies, Ten Questions


This opinion piece focuses on the topic of preserving library books that are facing the problem of aging, and it delves into the importance of preserving such books and the challenges faced in doing so. The strategies adopted for preservation are discussed, and some questions are posed that need to be answered in the area of preservation of library books. This work may serve as a useful guide for librarians and others concerned with the preservation of books, providing insights into the best practices, challenges, and strategies for maintaining library books for posterity. Indeed, the preservation of library books is crucial for ensuring the continued accessibility and availability of knowledge and information for future generations.



2023-05-02 — Updated on 2023-05-02



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