Predicting Prices of Case Furniture Products Using Web Mining Techniques


  • Timucin Bardak Bartin University, Bartin Vocational School, Furniture and Decoration Program, 74200, Bartin, Turkey


Furniture industry, Price, Data mining, Prediction modeling


This article presents a methodology based on web mining techniques for estimating furniture prices using e-commerce data. Data on different public e-commerce sites in the United States were collected and analyzed using web mining methods. Deep learning and random forest algorithms were used to predict the prices of different types of furniture. Bookcase and dresser type furniture, which are widely used in price estimation, were selected. The inquiry identified a collection of eight distinctive attributes linked to furniture items, spanning measurements such as width, depth, and height, alongside features encompassing frame material, partition count, drawer count, color, and price. In preparation for constructing predictive models, a dataset comprising 300 instances was compiled for comprehensive analysis. Models developed based on web mining to predict furniture prices gave satisfactory results. During the testing phase, the random forest algorithm outperformed deep learning, achieving high goodness of fit values of 0.89 and 0.94 for bookcase and dresser furniture, respectively. The results indicate that price estimation for dresser furniture was more accurate than for bookcases in all models. The findings demonstrate that web mining techniques can be used effectively in competitive furniture pricing, with potential to save time and cost in pricing for furniture purchasing. 






Research Article or Brief Communication