Location Selection for a Lumber Drying Facility via a Hybrid Pythagorean Fuzzy Decision-making Approach


  • Hilal Singer Department of Industrial Engineering, Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University, 14030, Bolu, Turkey


Lumber drying facility, Location analysis, AHP, WASPAS, Pythagorean fuzzy set


The strategic selection of facility locations plays a critical role in optimizing operational efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing customer satisfaction, thereby contributing significantly to the success and competitiveness of businesses. In this study, an interval-valued Pythagorean fuzzy decision-making framework is proposed to select the best location for the lumber drying industry. A four-level hierarchical model is devised with four main criteria, 16 subcriteria, and five alternatives. The opinions of different experts are gathered to obtain input data. The weights of the criteria are calculated using the interval-valued Pythagorean fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (AHP) method. The interval-valued Pythagorean fuzzy weighted aggregated sum product assessment (WASPAS) method is employed to evaluate the alternative locations. A sensitivity analysis is conducted to support the validity of the model results. The study concludes by revealing the optimal location for the lumber drying industry in Turkey. This study presents its novelty by formulating the lumber drying facility location selection problem as a complex fuzzy multicriteria decision-making problem and integrating the Pythagorean fuzzy AHP and WASPAS methods to solve the problem.






Research Article or Brief Communication