Effects on Pulp Properties of Magnesium Hydroxide in Peroxide Bleaching

Tomi M. Hietanen, Monika Österberg, Kaj A. Backfolk


High alkalinity in peroxide bleaching has traditionally been achieved using sodium hydroxide and sodium silicate. In the present work, partial and total substitution of traditional sodium-based peroxide bleaching auxiliary chemicals with a highly pure magnesium hydroxide-based bleaching additive was studied on two high-brightness mechanical pulp types from Norwegian spruce (Picea abies): pressure groundwood and thermomechanical pulp. Peroxide bleaching with 3.0% charge was carried out on both pulps to a given brightness level. The bleached pulp was studied with respect to electrical conductivity, zeta potential, and water retention value. The bleaching filtrate was measured for total organic carbon content, biological and chemical oxygen demand, cationic demand, extractives content, and turbidity. The main results from this study were that the cationic demand and electrical conductivity of the bleaching filtrate were significantly lowered for both pulps when a magnesium-based bleaching process was used. At the same time, the zeta potential of the dilute pulp suspension was only slightly affected. Magnesium hydroxide-based peroxide bleaching seems to increase the water retention value of the pulp, especially on fines-rich pressure groundwood, predicting a good strength potential of the pulp. The bleaching filtrate from the magnesium hydroxide-based process was significantly cleaner in all categories measured, which indicates that this is an environmentally sound concept.


Peroxide bleaching; Bleaching effluent; Magnesium hydroxide; Pulp properties

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