Impact of Plasticization by Microwave Heating on the Total Deformation of Beech Wood

Miroslav Gašparík, Štefan Barcík


This paper reports on the total deformation and loading force after plasticizing beech wood by microwave heating. There have been few studies devoted to the examination of microwave heating for plasticizing of beech wood. Therefore, a procedure was developed to verify the use of microwave heating for the purpose of plasticizing. Total deformation and loading force were investigated on beech samples immediately after plasticizing by microwave heating. The samples were loaded with pressure applied parallel to the grain. Measured results served the purpose of quantifying total deformation. The investigated factors (wood moisture and plasticizing time) had significant influences on the loading force and total deformation of beech wood plasticized by microwave heating. Increasing initial wood moisture increased total deformation. Increasing plasticizing time decreased the total deformation of wood because of a larger loss of wood moisture. Loading force had contrary behavior: increasing wood moisture decreased the loading force, and increasing plasticizing time increased the loading force.


Microwave heating; Plasticizing; Total deformation; Moisture content; Beech wood

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