Optimization of NaOH Pretreatment for Enhancement of Biogas Production of Banana Pseudo-Stem Fiber using Response Surface Methodology

Pei Pei, Chengming Zhang, Jihong Li, Sandra Chang, Shizhong Li, Jianlong Wang, Mingxing Zhao, Jiang Li, Menghui Yu, Xuelan Chen


In this paper, the NaOH pretreatment of banana pseudo-stem fiber for biogas production was investigated using a statistically designed set of experiments. A central composite design was used to identify the optimum pretreatment condition for four factors, i.e., NaOH concentration, pretreatment temperature, pretreatment time, and fiber length, on biogas fermentation of banana pseudo-stem fiber. The best pretreatment condition was 7.8% NaOH, 0.2-cm fiber length, and a temperature of 48 °C for 3 days. NaOH pretreatment increased the biogas yield of banana pseudo-stem fiber. The highest biogas yield was 463.0 mL•g-1VSadded, which was 89.2% higher than that of the control, at 244.7 mL•g-1VSadded.


Banana pseudo-stem fiber; NaOH pretreatment; Response surface methodology; Anaerobic fermentation; Biogas

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