Joan Pere López, José Alberto Méndez, Nour-Eddine El Mansouri, Pere Mutjé, Fabiola Vilaseca


Stone groundwood (SGW) is a fibrous matter commonly prepared in a high yield process, and mainly used for papermaking applications. In this work, the use of SGW fibers is explored as reinforcing element of polypropylene (PP) composites. Due to its chemical and superficial features, the use of coupling agents is needed for a good adhesion and stress transfer across the fiber-matrix interface. The intrinsic strength of the reinforcement is a key parameter to predict the mechanical properties of the composite and to perform an interface analysis. The main objective of the present work was the determination of the intrinsic tensile strength of stone groundwood fibers. Coupled and non-coupled PP composites from stone groundwood fibers were prepared. The influence of the surface morphology and the quality at interface on the final properties of the composite was analyzed and compared to that of fiberglass PP composites. The intrinsic tensile properties of stone groundwood fibers, as well as the fiber orientation factor and the interfacial shear strength of the current composites were determined.


Stone groundwood; Polypropylene; Composites; Intrinsic properties; Bowyer-Bader method; Interfacial shear strength

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