Preparation of a Crosslinking Cassava Starch Adhesive and its Application in Coating Paper

Songlin Wang, Fangfang Zhang, Fushan Chen, Zhiqiang Pang


A new starch-based adhesive with high solid content, high binding force, and low viscosity was prepared via hydrolysis of cassava starch with α-amylase using glycerol as a plasticizer and Ammonium Zirconium Carbonate (AZC) as a crosslinker. The adhesive was applied to coated paper as a partial substitute for SBR latex. The effects of α-amylase, glycerol, AZC, and temperature on the starch adhesive and its performance in application were investigated. The prepared crosslinking cassava starch adhesive showed a significant effect when the starch slurry concentration was 50% (w/w), the dosages of glycerol and α-amylase were 15% and 0.075%, respectively, and the enzymolysis starch was crosslinked with 12% AZC at 50 °C. The modified starch improved the paper in terms of surface strength, gloss, whiteness, and smoothness when 20% SBR latex was substituted into the coating formulation. Statistical analysis indicated that the crosslinking temperature and AZC had significant effects on the performance of the paper, while glycerin and α-amylase had little effect on it. Spectral analysis of the product showed that the crosslinking reaction took place between AZC and cassava starch. The average particle size was 528.6 nm. Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) images of the paper surface were consistent with the other measured surface properties.


Crosslinking cassava starch; Ammonium Zirconium Carbonate; Coating adhesive; Biolatex

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