Effect of Rice Husk Powder on Compression Behavior and Thermal Stability of Natural Rubber Latex Foam

Shamala Ramasamy, Hanafi Ismail, Yamuna Munusamy


Rice husk constitutes the largest by-product of the rice milling industry. Numerous research studies have been conducted on the utilization of rice husk powder (RHP), but research on incorporating RHP into natural rubber latex foam (NRLF) is lacking. The purpose of this study was to use RHP as a filler for NRLF. A compression test was performed on RHP-filled NRLFs, and they were compared with the control NRLF. The compression set increased, while the recovery percentage decreased, as RHP loading increased. The stress versus strain curve showed increasing stress with increasing RHP loading. The increase in thermal stability and decreased (Qf/Qg) value of RHP-filled NRLFs indicated good interaction between RHP and NRLF. RHP incorporation can contribute to NRLF industries with environmentally friendly products such as mattresses and cushioning materials by lowering costs.


Natural rubber latex; Foam; Natural fiber; Rice husk powder; Compression test; Compression set behavior; Swelling; Rubber filler interaction; Thermogravimetric analysis

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