Process and Analysis of Electromagnetic Shielding in Composite Fiberboard Laminated with Electroless Nickel-plated Carbon Fiber

Quanping Yuan, Chuwang Su, Jingda Huang, Weixing Gan, Yuanyi Huang


To develop a composite fiberboard with high electromagnetic shielding effectiveness (SE) and an easily industrialized process, electroless nickel-plated carbon fiber technology was used to improve the conductivity and electromagnetic properties of carbon fiber and carbon fiber sheets. The SE of composite fiberboards laminated with nickel-plated carbon fiber with different arrangements was also studied. The results showed that the best plating scheme in this study was a NiSO4 concentration of 35 g/L, plating temperature of 70 °C, pH of 9, and plating time of 15 min. When nickel-plated carbon fiber in a grid arrangement was added to the core between two fiberboards, the minimum and maximum SE of 19 × 19 grid arrangement was 41.54 dB and 63.73 dB in the 200 to 1000 MHz frequency range, respectively, and reached medium grade. SE of composite fiberboard laminated with double layers of plated carbon fiber sheet ranged from 45.29 dB to 52.01 dB and reached medium grade. It is thus feasible to use two-layer nickel-plated carbon fiber with a 19 × 19 grid arrangement to make composite fiberboard with high SE, mechanical properties greater than the national standard, and an easily industrializable process.


Carbon fiber; Carbon fiber sheet; Electroless nickel plating; Electromagnetic shielding effectiveness; Laminated composite fiberboards

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