Nano-Wollastonite in Particleboard: Physical and Mechanical Properties

Hamid Reza Taghiyari, Ali Karimi, Paridah M. D. Tahir


The effects of wollastonite nanofibers on the physical and mechanical properties of particleboard were studied. Nano-wollastonite (NW), with the size range of 30 to 110 nm, was applied at 5, 10, 15, and 20%, based on the dry weight of wood chips, and compared with control specimens. Two application methods of NW were used: surface application (SA) and internal application (IA). Density was kept constant at 0.68 g/cm3 for all treatments. Tests were carried out in accordance with ASTM D-1037 specifications. The obtained results showed that NW formed bonds between the wood chips and improved the physical and mechanical properties, both when applied internally and when applied superficially. However, formation of micro-cavities and decreased integration in the particleboard matrix caused by a reduction in wood chip content resulted in a decrease in the mechanical properties of IA-NW-treated specimens at higher NW consumption levels. It may be concluded that surface application of NW at a 1.5% consumption level can be recommended for use in particleboards.


Biotechnology; Minerals; Nanoscience; Particleboard; Wollastonite; Wood-composite

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