Evaluation of the Pyrolysis and Gasification Kinetics of Tropical Wood Biomass

Kehinde Olubukola Oluoti, Tobias Richards, T. R. K. Doddapaneni, D. Kanagasabapathi


Two tropical biomass species, teak (Tectona grandis) and obobo (Guarea thompsonii), were obtained in the form of sawmill waste from Nigeria and evaluated to determine their potential for gasification. Pyrolysis and gasification kinetics of the samples were investigated using a thermogravimetric analyser (TGA) at temperatures of 900 oC and 1,000 oC. Four iso-conversional methods, one peak temperature method, and two model-fitting methods were employed to determine the kinetic parameters, i.e. the apparent activation energy Ea, and pre-exponential factor A. Values of the gasification kinetic rate constant K were determined using two gas-solid reaction models: the volumetric reaction model (VRM) and the shrinking core model (SCM). The values obtained for all three kinetic parameters showed good agreement with values derived for samples of non-tropical wood.


Pyrolysis; Gasification; Kinetic parameters; Tropical biomass

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