Fabrication and Mechanical Properties of SiCw(p)/SiC-Si Composites by Liquid Si Infiltration using Pyrolysed Rice Husks and SiC Powders as Precursors

Dan Zhu, Mingxia Gao, Hongge Pan, Yi Pan, Yongfeng Liu, Shouquan Li, Hongwei Ge, Ningxiang Fang


Dense silicon carbide (SiC) matrix composites with SiC whiskers and particles as reinforcement were prepared by infiltrating molten Si at 1550 °C into porous preforms composed of pyrolysed rice husks (RHs) and extra added SiC powder in different ratios. The Vickers hardness of the composites showed an increase from 18.6 to 21.3 GPa when the amount of SiC added in the preforms was 20% (w/w), and then decreased to 17.3 GPa with the increase of SiC added in the preforms up to 80% (w/w). The values of flexural strength of the composites initially decreased when 20% (w/w) SiC was added in the preform and then increased to 587 MPa when the SiC concentration reached 80% (w/w). The refinement of SiC particle sizes and the improvement of the microstructure in particle distribution of the composites due to the addition of external SiC played an effective role in improving the mechanical properties of the composites.


SiC ceramics matrix composites; Rice husks; Liquid Si infiltration; Mechanical properties

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