Influence of Moisture Content on the Bond Strength and Water Resistance of Bonded Wood Joints

Jan Bomba, Přemysl Šedivka, Martin Böhm, Michal Devera


Bonding processes play a significant role in the wood and furniture industry. They allow for the creation of fixed joining of construction elements, creation of new materials and, last but not least, aesthetic appreciation of parts. However, the quality of bonded joints is affected by many factors, one of which is the moisture of the bonded material – wood. The main objective of this research was to determine the influence of wood moisture on the strength of bonded joints formed by polyvinyl acetate (PVAc) and polyurethane (PUR) adhesives. In current practice these adhesives are being increasingly used for their properties and zero formaldehyde content. The procedure for determining the bond strength (tensile shear strength of lap joints) corresponded to standard EN 205. It was ascertained that in addition to actual moisture of bonded wood, the quality of the joint is also affected by the environment to which the glued joint is subsequently subjected. In a normal environment, the strength of the tested joint PVAc adhesive decreases with increasing wood moisture, but it still meets the requirement of the standard. In a humid environment, the strength falls below the limit of the standardized value. In a normal environment the joint strength bonded with PUR adhesive is similar, but the decrease in strength is lower. In a humid environment it shows the highest strength at 20% wood moisture and meets the specified standard minimum strength (4 MPa). Graphs were created from the measured values that clearly show the influence of wood moisture on the final bond strength of a joint.


Adhesive; Wood; Moisture; Water resistance; PVAc dispersion; PUR

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