Partial Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation at High Solids Loadings of Alkaline-pretreated Miscanthus for Bioethanol Production

Young-Lok Cha, Gi Hong An, Yuri Park, Jungwoo Yang, Jong-Woong An, Youn-Ho Moon, Young-Mi Yoon, Gyeong-Dan Yu, In-Hu Choi


In this study, alkaline pretreatment at a bench scale (15-L capacity) was performed to obtain a higher solid residue for the SSF (simultaneous saccharification and fermentation) of Miscanthus sacchariflorus “Goedae-Uksae 1” (GU) under the following conditions: 1 M NaOH concentration, 150 °C, and 60 min residence time. Compositional analysis and scanning electron microscope analysis revealed the pretreatment to be highly effective for achieving delignification and morphological changes. Spiral impellers were used for the rapid liquefaction of pretreated GU into slurry, and no additional nutrients were added to the fermentation mixture to reduce overall process costs. The SSF was subsequently conducted in a laboratory-scale fermenter (5-L capacity) for 108 to 120 h with 12% and 16% glucan containing pretreated GU. Consequently, 62.8 g/L and 81.1 g/L of ethanol were obtained. Based on these data, the theoretical ethanol yields from 1 kg of GU (dry weight base) were estimated at 164.6 to 171.1 g/L.


Alkali pretreatment; Bioethanol; High solids loading; Miscanthus; Simultaneous saccharification and fermentation

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