Experimental Study of Impregnation Birch and Aspen Samples

Igor Vladislavovich Grigorev, Gleb Vladimirovich Grigorev, Antonina Ivanovna Nikiforova, Olga Anatolevna Kunitckaia, Irina Nikolaevna Dmitrieva, Egor Germanovich Khitrov, Zoltán Pásztory


An experimental study of wood impregnation was implemented by applying centrifugal methods. The impregnants were a 10% aqueous solution of potassium chloride and a 2% aqueous solution of borax. Birch (Betula pendula) and aspen (Populus tremula) wood samples in different moisture content were tested. The impregnation time in the centrifugal device were 30 seconds repeated 21 times, and the samples were measured after every 30 seconds. The experimental results were fitted to a nonlinear filtration law, which indicated that the centrifugal wood impregnation was dependent on wood species, wood moisture, rotational speed, and radius. Determination of rotational speed and centrifuge radius for impregnating aspen and birch at varying lengths and humidity under conditions of the nonlinear impregnant filtration law can be done using the example charts that were developed and presented in this study.


Wood impregnation; Centrifugal force impregnation; Aspen; Birch

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