Dynamic Optical Measurement of Lint Accumulation during Offset Printing

Rosiana Lestiani, Warren Batchelor, Paul Banham


Linting occurs when small particles are removed from the paper surface by the splitting of the tacky ink film. Excessive linting reduces printing quality and can affect the pressroom efficiency. An improved method, using video camera technology, has been utilized to measure the dynamics of linting during the printing process. This technology makes it feasible to estimate the removal of lint particles from the paper and from the blanket surfaces. This article presents the latest development of the lint camera system and its applications under different press conditions, including ink color. The lint measurements obtained by the camera system were compared with the established measurement methods (blanket tape pull and blanket wash). The main result from this study indicates some similarities in the lint area distribution measured by the camera system and the blanket tape pull. The differences in the lint area distribution from the filtered sample at small particle sizes is likely due to disaggregation of the agglomerated lint particles during the washing and filtering, and as a result, of more small particles being measured from the tape pulls.


Lint measurement; Linting dynamics; CCD camera; Image analysis; Offset printing

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