Isothermal CO2 Gasification Reactivity and Kinetic Models of Biomass Char/Anthracite Char

Hai-Bin Zuo, Peng-Cheng Zhang, Jian-Liang Zhang, Xiao-Tao Bi, Wei-Wei Geng, Guang-Wei Wang


Gasification of four biomass chars and anthracite char were investigated under a CO2 atmosphere using a thermo-gravimetric analyzer. Reactivity differences of chars were considered in terms of pyrolysis temperature, char types, crystallinity, and inherent minerals. The results show that the gasification reactivity of char decreased with the increase of pyrolysis temperature. Char gasification reactivity followed the order of anthracite coal char (AC-char) ˂ pine sawdust char (PS-char) ˂ peanut hull char (PH-char) ˂ wheat straw char (WS-char) ˂ corncob char (CB-char) under the same pyrolysis temperature. Two repesentative gas-solid models, the random pore model (RPM) and the modified random pore model (MRPM), were applied to describe the reactive behaviour of chars. The results indicate RPM performs well to describe gasification rates of chars but cannot predict the phenomenon that there appears to exist a peak conversion for biomass chars at a high conversion rate, where the MRPM performs better.


Anthracite char; Biomass char; Gasification; Kinetic model; RPM; MRPM

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