Effect of Yield Strength of a Circular Saw Blade on the Multi-spot Pressure Tensioning Process

Bo Li, Zhankuan Zhang, Weiguang Li, Xiaorui Peng


In this study, a numerical model of the tangential tensioning stress distribution of a circular saw blade tensioned by multi-spot pressure was established using theoretical analysis, and the tangential tensioning stress distribution of the circular saw blade calculated by the model was shown to be true and reliable. The effect of yield strength of the circular saw blade on the distribution of tangential tensioning stress was studied using the numerical model. The research achievements showed that a circular saw blade made with high-strength or ultra-high-strength steel yielded a better tensioning effect during the multi-spot pressure tensioning process, which could promote the application of a circular saw blade made by high-strength or ultra-high-strength steel.


Circular saw blade; Multi-spot pressure tensioning; Finite element method; High-strength steel

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