Microwave-Assisted Green Production of Furfural from D-xylose of Sugarcane Bagasse

Sílvio Vaz Jr., Paulo Marcos Donate


D-xylose is a component of sugarcane bagasse that can be used as a renewable resource for the production of a variety of chemicals. By means of catalytic reactions in an aqueous medium, it was determined that D-xylose can efficiently be converted into furfural by the application of microwave as a green synthetic methodology. The highest yields of furfural were obtained at a HCl concentration of 4 mg/mL. When the reaction was performed at 200 °C, an optimum yield of 64% of furfural was observed after 10 min of reaction time, with 95% of the D-xylose being converted.


Renewable chemistry; Green chemistry; Green processes

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