Dairy Manure as a Potential Feedstock for Cost-Effective Cellulosic Bioethanol

Qiang Yang, Shengfei Zhou, Troy Michael Runge


This study investigated sulfite pretreatment to overcome recalcitrance of lignocelluloses (SPORL) pretreatment and subsequent enzymatic digestibility of undigested dairy manure to preliminarily assess its potential use as an inexpensive feedstock for cellulosic bioethanol production. The sulfite pretreatment was carried out in a factorial analysis using 163 to 197 °C for 3 to 37 min with 0.8% to 4.2% sulfuric acid combined with 2.6% to 9.4% sodium sulfite. These treatments were compared with other standard pretreatments of dilute acid, and hot and cold alkali pretreatments. This comparative study showed that the sulfite pretreatment, through its combined effects of hemicellulose and lignin removal and lignin sulfonation, is more effective than the diluted acid and alkali pretreatments to improve the enzymatic digestibility of dairy manure.


Dairy manure; Sulfite pretreatment; Bioethanol; Enzymatic hydrolysis

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